Garcia Y Vega, a brand that was born in 1882

This brand, born in New York City 140 years ago, is still one of the favorites of Americans. Machine made with short fill Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed and homogenized tobacco leaf binder, these attractive cigars are wrapped in high quality leaves, just like Cameroon, Connecticut or Mexico.

During the first two years the company was called Garcia & González Cigar Co., a name that later changed to its current name Garcia & Vega Cigar Co. Its founders were Asturian immigrants who moved from New York to West Tampa in 1907, and a year following they built an iconic brick factory there.

This remarkable building is today owned by Oliva-Armenia LLC and occupied by the Tobacco Company, a well-known supplier of high-quality tobacco to many of the major cigar manufacturers. The original inscription still remains on the main façade of the building, where it reads: "1882 Garcia & Vega The Bonded Havana Cigar", which refers to the year the factory was established and not when it was built.

The Garcia Y Vega brand was acquired in 1982 by General Cigar, a prestigious firm that manufactures and markets artisanal cigars for the premium market. There, at its headquarters in the city of Santiago, in the Dominican Republic, the most popular natural-wrapped cigars on the US market are produced by machine.

Under the name Garcia Y Vega, various lines of smooth cigars are produced, designed with the concept of quality at an excellent price. All are made with aged tobaccos and with generous and long-lasting flavors combined with captivating aromas, all qualities that have been maintained over time, earning the trust of smokers.

It could really be said that there is a cigar for every style and taste. Among them, the classic Corona stands out, one of the most popular and that has contributed the most to the brand's valuation. A very good choice for those who prefer the dark leaf is the Garcia y Vega Maduro, as its attractive chocolate-brown wrapper from Indonesia adds very aromatic and flavorful notes of coffee and spices. The Garcia Y Vega 1882, made to commemorate the year the company began production, is a smooth cigar with an aged broadleaf and an all-natural short fill, with a mild flavor that makes smoking a real pleasure. The Garcia Y Vega Cigarillo Candela, with its interesting blend and natural Candela wrapper, is a very attractive line.

For modern smokers who like to enjoy bold flavors, Garcia Y Vega Game has been offering since 2007 a line of slow burning, sweetly flavored cigarillos, which have become one of their most popular offerings. They are the Garcia Y Vega Game, and they are available in various fruit flavors, including grape, pineapple, mango and peach.

Finally, there is Game Leaf, the brand's latest installment, with a silky Sumatran wrapper and available in blends such as Sweet, Wild Berry, Cognac and Peach, among others. They are cigars made with completely natural broadleaf tobacco that provide a sophisticated, slow, smooth and sweet smoking experience. These old west style cigars come in packs containing 15 fresh sealed foil sleeves with two cigars each.

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