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Not for murder, it was for money

Posted by FTS on 6/22/2018
Not for murder, it was for money
A young man was watching the sea while he was thinking how could his change his life, he liked to brag about things he bought in front of his peers, also he was selling stuff to people, he wanted to trade with different goods and during his free time he read gangsters novels; some of his favorites were The God Father, Cosa Nostra, Gomorra and Gangster, among others. These novels made him feel alive, he felt attracted to that lifestyle, the only thing he was missing was a cigar, to look more to one of his favourite characters. He wished he could be part of the Italian mafia and be the boss. One of the mafia characters that attracted him the most was Al Capone.

The best way to share your cigar

Posted by FTS on 6/16/2018
The best way to share your cigar
The best way to share a good cigar is with a cup of wine or some kind of liquor for sure, either if it´s wine, a cocktail, beer or whiskey. So this time we want to share some of the last licours in two different categories that you can enjoy with your favourite cigar.

Stories of life

Posted by FTS on 6/8/2018
Stories of life
Stories of life, Tobacco Florida Shop has them
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