Have you tried Al Capone cigars yet?

As it is easy to imagine, the striking name of these cigars was inspired by the famous American gangster from the beginning of the last century.

Al Capone cigars are designed to be smoked when time is short, but you want the full cigar experience. Although they are the size of a cigarette, make no mistake: they really are small cigars with all the flavor of a larger cigar. Proof of this is that they contain more than 3 grams of tobacco, while typical cigarettes do not reach a gram of tobacco.

Unlike larger format cigars, the filler used comes from short leaves and not long leaves, however, excellent blends are used that combine Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobaccos, aged with the care and techniques of the best cigars, which guarantees an optimal experience.

All Al Capone cigars are involved in a wrapper of Brazilian Bahia leaf, grown and treated in Sao Felix, Brazil, by the prestigious Dannemann company, an internationally renowned tobacco group, with tobacco plantations in the Americas and Asia, and with plants from traditional manufacturing worldwide. These wrappers are air-cured, fermented, and then steeped in rum, cognac, sugar, or menthol for the legendary sweet taste of Al Capone cigars. After the curing process is done, they are hand rolled in Danli, Honduras.

Al Capone cigars are available with filter and without filter. They are generally sweet with a pleasant flavor and aroma. They are medium to full bodied and available in cognac or rum. All Al Capone cigars offer a short but interesting smoking experience and can be enjoyed during a short break.

The idea behind Al Capone was to create a cigar that could be enjoyed at any time, both by experienced smokers and by novices, although they are ideal for those smokers who are just starting out in the world of tobacco. They offer a compact smoke that lasts between 10 and 15 minutes.

They are reasonably priced and if you are someone who enjoys a quick and flavorful smoke, this cigar offers great satisfaction in a short duration. In the United States they are very popular and have been the best-selling small cigars for several decades.

Several of the lines are available in our store in their filtered and unfiltered versions: Al Capone Sweets Cognac, Al Capone Jamaican Blaze, Al Capone Slims Rum, among others. We invite you to choose the one that is most attractive to you. We are sure that you will not regret it.

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