Brick House, a stellar brand of JC Newman

Brick House is a line of cigars with a long history. It was launched on the market in 1937 by Julius Caeser Newman, who founded the JC Newman factory in 1895, in Cleveland, Ohio.[1] This name evokes the brick house where he spent his childhood, located in a small Hungarian town, which was a meeting place for the locals, who gathered there every night to eat and enjoy together. With that name he wanted to honor his family and his heritage.

The first time Brick House hit the market, it was made with the best Cuban cigars, which at that time were freely imported into the United States. Those cigars enjoyed great popularity until, with the Great Depression, the sale came to an end.

The line was retired for decades, but in 2009, the founder's grandsons, Eric and Bobby Newman, relaunched it with the support of the Arturo Fuente Cigar Company, which began producing it at their factory in the Dominican Republic, through the association that these two companies began in 1986. The Brick Houses were built there until, in 2011, the third generation at the helm of JC Newman decided to take control of their own destiny and build Puros de Estelí Nicaragua, S.A. (PENSA) in the heart of Estelí, Nicaragua.

Today, J.C. Newman PENSA has more than tripled its size and more than 800 employees hand-roll 100,000 cigars each day, making it the second largest factory in Nicaragua. The tobacco with which the cigars are made come from all over Nicaragua and is fermented, classified and stripped at PENSA, which gives J.C. Newman total control of the process of creating the cigar.

Each Brick House cigar is hand-rolled by master craftsmen, and aged in the mountains of Nicaragua. They represent a perfect fusion of impeccable craftsmanship, master mix and optimum quality. Excellent Nicaraguan tobaccos are used for binders and fillers, and wrappers are made from Havana Subido leaves, grown on farms just miles from the factory.

Since its return to the market, the brand has become one of the best sellers in the entire country, and has been the subject of awards and distinctions that include the Best Bargain Cigar and a place at the Top 25 Cigars of Cigar Aficionado, in addition to numerous references on blogs and websites.

In our store you can purchase some of the most sought-after formats of the Brick House line:

Brick House Robusto: 5" x 54

Brick House Corona Larga: 6 1/4" x 46

Brick House Toro: 6" x 52

 [1] For more information on the history of JC Newman, you can consult our article: “The oldest cigar factory at  U.S. A story of steadfastness and bold decisions”, from 08/21/21


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