Rust on a Cigar Cutter Blade

A cigar cutter blade, like any other blades out there, needs to be cleaned and maintained to prevent from rust and corroding, as well as having a proper cigar cut. While the presence of rust does not conclusively mean that the blade is useless, you just need the proper steps for cleaning and better care. Well as rust is very hard to avoid since it’s the result of oxidation of iron and exposure to moisture, it can easily be removed.

Here are a few simple ways on how to remove the rust from the blade:

CLEAN WITH SOAP: Yes, you can use soap. Depending on the degree of rust, some of it can be removed by cleaning it with a mild soap. Rinse and dry when done.

BAKING SODA: This for some is also very effective. Rust can also be removed by firmly rubbing the baking soda over the  area. Repeat until the rust is gone. Rinse and dry the material.

SOAK IN ACID: Acid eats rust. You can use Phosphoric acid, Hydrochloric acid or the best and non toxic household acid – the vinegar. Soak the rusted material overnight. When dried, scrape off the ferric phosphate. Please be cautious on the kind of acid you’re going to use as most other strong acid just might cause more rust. Hydrofluoric acid is very good in removing rust in materials but be very careful in using it. This kind of acid is extremely dangerous. Some rust remover contains Hydrofluoric acid, so be extra careful in using.

USE A SANDING SPONGE: A drywall sanding sponge is also helpful in removing rust. Just remove the blade and sand away. Brush off the embedded rust and dry it off with a rag. A drywall sanding sponge is available in different grades but fine grade and medium grade will do the wonders.

There are also rust remover available in the market but be careful because it might contain an acid that’s very dangerous to use. Removing it would still depend on the degree of the rust. Remember, upkeep is most important. Maintaining the blade dry is the best way to a rust free blade.


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