Feeling a Slight Electric Shock From an Electric Humdior

Cigar aficionados know that electric humidors represent the very best way to store your cigars viagra 200. Their superior preservation abilities allow their users to rest comfortably knowing that every one of the cigars they hold will stay at their peak quality for as long as possible. Indeed, there are some that say those with significant cigar collections can not possibly make a better investment than an electric humidor.

As great as electric humidors can be, though, there’s still quite a bit that potential owners must know before investing in one. What kind of cigars are you going to be storing? How many do you intend to store at once? What area of your home do you intend on keeping your humidor in? Being able to properly answer all of these questions are the key to ensuring that you maximize the value of your humidor.

However, even the best humidors can still encounter issues from time to time. While most electric humidors require very little upkeep aside from the occasional cleaning, sometimes electric humidors can produce small electric shocks that catch their owners off guard.

The very first thing that you should do upon receiving such a shock is quickly identify whether or not the shock you felt was from static or not. If so, then this isn’t necessarily anything unusual. However, if you feel that the shock was electric, you’ll need to attempt the following steps:

Step 1: Make sure that your electrical outlet is working properly by using safety equipment to unplug the electric humidor and try another device in its place. If the other device exhibits issues receiving power, the outlet may be the cause.

Step 2: If that doesn’t appear to be the problem, take note of the area you received a shock from and consult the manufacturer’s website. Most every major electric humidor manufacturer includes information on their website related to basic maintenance and troubleshooting that may be able to identify the cause and solution to your particular issue.

Step 3: Should none of these steps provide a solution – or if you feel that the shock was particularly severe – then it is often best to contact the manufacturer directly and inform them of the issue. Until such time as you receive proper advice, refrain from using the humidor further.

Fortunately, incidents such as this are extremely rare for humidor owners, but having the proper knowledge of what to do in such a situation can ensure that you are able to continue enjoying your humidor safely for years to come.

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