Have you tried the Isla del Sol infused cigars?

An infused cigar is one whose leaves are treated before production in order to add flavor to the natural taste of tobacco. Although the process of creating premium-infused cigars is not very complex, it is quite ingenious and requires a good deal of patience and time to get good results. The tobacco leaves are hung in the curing rooms while they are sprinkled with different types of essences such as coffee, cognac, fruits or herbs until they are gently moistened and acquire the flavor of the chosen ingredient.

Adding taste by infusion requires a careful balance whereby additional flavor is delicately introduced while maintaining the natural flavor of the tobacco. The new aroma should enhance the original flavor of the cigar without overpowering it. How this mixing and infusing process is successfully carried out to achieve the perfect result is a well-kept secret of the few premium cigar makers that make infused cigars.

Drew Estate is one of the leading companies in this industry, something like the kings of infused cigars, due to the advanced and secretive infusion processes they use. Its owners, two New Yorkers living in Nicaragua, built the largest tobacco factory in that country, and one of the five largest premium cigar factories in the world. In their quest to push the boundaries of the notion of the traditional cigar by creating exotic tobacco blends, they especially thought of those smokers who like to feel the taste and aroma of coffee with their morning cigars.

For this reason, they made the jewel in the crown and named it Isla del Sol, a line of cigars made with a rare blend of perfectly aged Nicaraguan tobaccos infused with Sumatran Mandheling Bean Coffee, to create a sweet and aromatic smoke experience.

Although many cigar smokers avoid infused cigars, they are missing out on a novel experience that delivers great flavor at an unbeatable price. Isla del Sol cigars are true jewels of a medium-smooth body with an initial flavor that mixes earthy tobacco and sweet black coffee, softened with cocoa bark, followed by soft floral notes, roasted almonds, and spicy Nicaraguan pepper. A smooth, creamy, and highly aromatic smoking experience that makes for the perfect morning smoke.

Isla del Sol is a good choice for that delicious morning cigar or to enjoy the end of the day, at a very attractive price.

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