How to light a cigar for a greater pleasure

Smoking a cigar is an enjoyment full of rituals. From its selection and conservation until the last puff is finished, the experts offer precise indications in order to obtain the greatest satisfaction from the experience, without anything spoiling it.

Lighting is one of those rituals. Bringing the cigar to your lips and simply inhaling the smoke would be sacrilege. It is necessary to know how to light it because incorrect ignition affects combustion and is capable of causing uneven burns or frequent shutdowns.

The first thing many expert smokers do to get a better light is to heat the tobacco. It is enough to bring a flame to a certain distance and slide it gently throughout the cigar, for a few seconds. With this, the transmission of the flavor throughout the cigar will be achieved, without interference.

The flame to light the cigar must come from wooden matches or gas lighters, because gasoline lighters or candles can alter both its aroma and its flavor. The end of the cigar should be lit evenly throughout its diameter, applying the flame so that it forms a right angle with it, while turning slowly and steadily. That slight movement will allow the end of the cigar to ignite evenly while the smoker gently inhales so that the combustion spreads. To continue lighting it is necessary to keep rotating the cigar and sucking the smoke gently so as not to overheat the tobacco and prevent the wrapper from burning.

The greater the gauge or thickness of the cigar, the longer the time required to light it. In addition, it may happen that they turn off before they are finished. When that happens, the ash that has not fallen must be removed and the process repeated again.

Even using the right lighter, some specifications need to be taken into account: when lighting with matches, wait for the head of the match to burn completely before placing the flame on the cigar, to avoid contaminating the smell of sulfur that is given off. And if you use a gas lighter, you should keep the flame as far away as possible and avoid touching the cigar because it could give off an unpleasant charcoal smell.

It could be said, in short, that the key to a perfect lighting is to do it slowly so that the tobacco does not get too hot and acquire a bitter taste. This requires the smoker to have a lot of patience and avoid very strong and continuous puffs.


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