Valentine’s Day Gifts for Smokers
If your sweetheart is a cigar aficionado, then you will score big points with him for your Valentine’s Day gift of cigars or cigar accessories. Are you trying to think of an unusual and special gift for Valentine’s Day this year? You must read this post

Don’t shy away from this gift idea because you think you don’t know enough about cigars to make a smart purchase. The experts can help you select just the right cigar sampler or cigar accessory for your gentleman. “Cigars are similar to fine wines,” Wines are aged for better flavor—so are cigars. Cigars are aged at least two years. Who knew? There are dark and light cigars, similar to red and white wines.

If your guy is savvy, he may already be dropping hints about the cigars or accessories he wants. However, if you need ideas, we have put together a list of suggestions in various price ranges to help you with your Valentine’s Day cigar gift selections:

How about a romantic Romeo y Julieta cigar to share with him?

There is a mystique surrounding the cigar lifestyle that few women break into, but more women are smoking cigars all the time. If you want to be adventurous, you can really surprise your guy by giving him a gift of cigars and sharing a smoke with him. There’s an especially romantic brand that might fit the bill: Romeo y Julieta cigars.

Alec Bradley Cigar Sampler

Few brand owners have enjoyed as many successful boutique introductions as Allen Rubin, owner of Alec Bradley cigars. Working side-by-side with the industry’s blending geniuses, Rubin has succeeded in producing boutique cigars that are the envy of every manufacturer. They know that boutique cigars are unique in that most of them are single-run products, ones that take advantage of relatively small quantities of fillers, binders, and wrappers that most manufacturers find too small to be profitable. Yet it is these tobaccos that produce cigars a cut above. Shop Online:

Cigar Lighters

These are delightful things to collect and show off. When lighting up a nice cigar, having a lighter can give cigar smokers a more luxurious feel and make cigars easier to light. We also offer custom Zippo lighters with a variety of themes and finishes that are sure to make their new owners smile. Our Harley Zippos feature the famous bar-and-shield logo with a diving eagle, and they’re available in two assertive styles.

And you can make it easy on yourself with fast, convenient, secure online shopping.

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