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Click through and discover Villiger’s quality control and time-honored artistry involved in producing premium cigars.
In 1888 Jean and Louise Villiger founded the Swiss Pfeffikon / Lucerne based company VILLIGER SÖHNE AG. Today, owned by Heinrich Villiger, the company has reached new heights and has become one of the most respected tobacco companies worldwide. Enjoy our Premium Cigar of The Week – Florida Tobacco Shop.

Villiger offers a unique range of premium cigars and cigarillos. Family owned since 1888, Villiger has over a century of tobacco knowledge. With a vast network of industry partners, Villiger sources only the finest and unique raw material tobacco from around the world. We invite you to explore our portfolio of products.

Think big and stay focused.
The Villiger Mini cigarillo line keeps expanding but, the focus will always be on their aromatic flavor. Smoking times from 10 to 15 minutes, and there’s a Mini for all of taste preferences. We invite you to explore the wonders of the Villiger Mini’s.



Origin: Germany
Filler: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Ecuador
Strength: Smooth and pleasant

Available in 20 count metal tins

Villiger Braniff Mexico Chicos Natural No. 2- 50×2 Box

The original Mexican chico cigarillo. A small cigar? Hardly, Think big.
Size might be a matter of opinion but, taste regins supreme. This cigarillo is produced from a blend of quality tobaccos. Java, Burley and Maryland tobaccos. A satisfying smoke when one has limited time to enjoy a premium cigar. Available in both regular and maduro.


Origin: Germany
Wrapper: Natural
Filler: Java, Burley and Maryland
Flavor: Elegant & Aromatic

Available in 10 count packs and 50 count boxes

As the world gets smaller, some names grow larger. Presenting a global flavorite.
This box pressed cigar is one of the world’s best sellers. Made from fine Cuban seed blend with a high quality wrapper. Rich, slightly sweet and very smooth for a unique small cigar experience. Available in convenient 5-packs in Natural, Maduro and Brazil. The Natural features a Sumatra wrapper. Maduro has an Arapiraca wrapper. And, the Brazil is a Brazilian puro with a mata fina wrapper.


Origin: Switzerland

Filler: Brazil, Nicaragua, Dominican, Indonesia, Italy

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Strength: Mild, smooth & satisfying

Available in 5 x 10 Packs,
50 x 1 Box and 25 x 1 Box


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