Tobacco and traditions

About tobacco and traditions...Tradition is known as the transmission of news communication, popular literature, doctrines, rites, customs, etc., which is maintained from generation to generation. There are millions of traditions in different cultures. Today we want to talk about  a tobacco tradition and the relationship  and baby birth.

Habano, to date, has a very symbolic meaning for men, because in places like the army they usually smoke to celebrate a victory when a business closes in a good way.


Not many years ago, when the sex of a girl before she was born was unknown, the advertiser and the newborn boy was an event almost as important as the birth itself. If it was a girl, the father announced it by giving chocolate to his friends. If it was a boy, cigars were given.

The origin of the tradition was tobacco and goes back to Potlach, a tradition of Native Americans, which were feasts in which the celebrant distributed between the tribe and neighboring gifts such as seal meat or salmon and tobacco to sell the fraternity or the Birth of a first-born with volutes of smoke. A simple exchange of gifts by prestige, which of course increased in proportion to the value of what was given away.

Centuries passed and parents were relegated to waiting rooms, while their women gave a light in the places where the men had veto access. These waiting rooms were equipped with table games, reading, television and of course, tobacco.

This tradition has waned a blow of ultrasound, and from the first months of pregnancy parents can know the sex of the fetus and take advantage of a test of rose or blue clothes.


Perhaps this ancient custom can become fashionable, so, to celebrate the arrival of a man, we propose to give friends some good tobaccos that can be found on our website They can accompany them from this list of songs for a son, which contains songs from parents dedicated to their children: (316 from Van Halen, Father and Son of Cat Stevens, Simple Man from Lynrd Skynrd ...) Neil Young Man or the version of Cats in the Cradle of Ugly Kid Joe ..). From birth (Lightning strikes live) or simple attitude towards life (Three little birds of Bob Marley) is to listen as you watch as the other grows, for when one has already grown.


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