Mothers day celebration ideas

May has arrived, and it´s the right time to give you some ideas to celebrate mother´s day. Most of the years you don´t plan it, in most cases you forget about it, for this reason, we will give you some ideas to celebrate and make mom feel as unique as she is.

Let us show you cool ideas…

Surprise breakfasts

You don´t have to wake up early to prepare it or think about what you are going to cook, or how to make the delivery home. Several companies give you the ideas, the delivery and the passion for making your mom smiling. This company has coverage in several areas of the United States. Make sure to call 24 hours before mother´s day.;).

Dinner in a park

Yes, this sounds more like a picnic, right? An excellent way to say thanks to mom in a different way for how special she has been with you. A low budget idea that you can prepare yourself and invite siblings or relatives if you like. The key for a great picnic is the place and of course the type of food your mom eats. You can choose:

  • Vegan
  • Vegeratian
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher
  • Good protein

Make sure to add a special card or a small present, take pictures and tell her how special she is. Don´t forget to pack the blanket and some couch so she feels comfortable lying on the floor or in the grass.

An entertainment idea

Check the upcoming events in your area, live a different experience and choose between:

  • Sports
  • Music
  • Family
  • Art& theatre

These are several options to choose from, a very cool idea to make a dream that she might have come true. You can check some in the following link.


A must, sometimes, the easiest one and the one she will like. Only this time try to give a little bit more than manicure, pedicure and massages. Try to include also hair, color and makeup. Also, a deep face cleansing will be a plus.

A tea party with friends

Tea´s best company is food, a good talk, friends and cigars. Some of the people´s favourite for this type of celebrations is Cafe Creme Cigars – were also known as Cafe Creme Finos – were first introduced to the cigar market in 1883. Originating from Scandinavian, today, it has expanded to over 115 different countries. Over the years, it has become one of the most popular and satisfactory cigar brands, both in the cigarillos and small cigar categories.Its containment blends, consist of mild, dry-cured tobaccos of high quality, using a Java wrapper and a chopped tobacco leaf called: homogenised binder. It delivers a smooth and lasting unique full tasteful flavour, which has been known to stand out extensively amongst many other small cigar brands around the world. It provides a reliable and relaxing but pleasant high class and suave aroma, and although the smell is evident, it separates its quality from other cigar brands, by not leaving that long-lasting lingering smell in clothes or on hands.

Our recommended on these special dates as the celebration of mothers’ day is:

Bella Filtered Cigars a Woman Perfect Smoke

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