Cigars Viewed as a Perfect Match With Beer or Wine, While Always Excellent With One’s Favorite Stogie

When people are enjoying a night out, the question “do you prefer beer or wine with your stogie?” is often answered with yes and yes because a good cigar compliments any good beverage. In fact, there are many factors that determine this enjoyable paring that is trending today in cafes, restaurants and bars nationwide. For instance, there is a longstanding point of view that enjoying a good cigar with red wine is always excellent because this pairing is said to revitalize, restore and even refresh one’s “exhausted soul.”

Cigars go great with beer
While most cigar lovers say they find all varietals of wine very engaging when puffing on their favorite stogie, there are many craft beers that also beckon smokers. For instance, a good cigar paired with a nice local brew and some tasty cheese is MMM good, say fans of this trending combo of stogie and beer. At the same time, there are more and more men and women who like to accompany their favorite cigar with a nice glass of wine or beer. They even comment online that it’s a “match made in heaven.”

Drinks and a good smoke
At the end of the day, what is more relaxing and full of pleasure than sitting back with one’s best stogie while sipping an icy can of beer or a chilled glass of white wine? This paring of a good smoke and a drink is viewed as “enjoying the good life,” and it surely is that when blowing smoke rings as one enjoys a vintage glass of wine or a bottle of chilled beer. Moreover, there are many trending restaurants, bars and cafes that’re on the cigar and beer or wine bandwagon with lots of great pairings on the menu for all to enjoy. There’s also a view that the best deals at many trending cigar bars is when a customer mixes a stogie order with a nice beverage.

Overall, there has never been a better time to enjoy a night out with family and friends and one’s favorite cigar while enjoying a nice glass of wine or beer.


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