Alec Bradley Tempus
The Alec Bradley Tempus is a fantastic medium bodied cigar that delivers some sweet notes blended into a creamy texture. The construction on this cigar allowed for a great burn and very pleasurable smoking experience.

This Alec Bradley Tempus is another beautifully packaged cigar. The box is a work of art with the golden paper inlays and gold lettering on the outside of the box its hard not to pick up a whole box of these sticks just based on the box. The band on this stick is big, bold, and gold! The focal point is the AB logo with a nice purple background that fades into a gold oval shape. There is some intricate floral work done around the oval and it is all brought together by a set of wings below the oval that don’t really dominate the band but serve as a nice subtlety that you have to kinda look for to find.

Well the Alec Bradley Tempus to me is nice medium bodied cigar. I was expecting more of a nicotine punch especially considering the size of this cigar. However, it delivered a smooth creamy and somewhat sweet flavor to my palate.

I finally enjoyed an Alec Bradley cigar, the Tempus was wonderful. Everything from the packaging, to the wrapper, to the bands this cigar was awesome. I’m glad I finally got a great cigar from the AB family now I can see why they have so much hype and push behind their brand. I knew they could create some great cigars.

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Quantity: 20 Handmade Cigars / Box
Size: 6  x 52
Wrapper: Natural
Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua (Double binders)
Filler: Nicaragua (3 growing regions)

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