Zino Platinum. An experience you cannot miss

If you want to enjoy a cigar with a different and special flavor, maybe it's time to try a Zino Platinum. Although in the world of tobacco it is not easy to find agreements on brands or a particular cigar, many connoisseurs believe that the Zino Platinum, with its rich flavor and bold aromas, are some of the best cigars on the market, although they are not always easy to obtain.

This brand is produced by the Oettinger Davidoff Group, the distinguished Swiss company, which in 2003 launched it as a tribute to Zino Davidoff, one of the most notable names in the cigar industry.

The creation of the brand was inspired by the intense and adventurous life of Zino Davidoff, and to honor it they used an extraordinarily select blend of the highest quality tobaccos aged for four years. They developed two series, Crown and Sceptre, and decided that the design of the boxes and advertising should show the excellence of the cigars. With that in mind, they established a partnership with two American experts: Peter Arnell, the famous designer and creator of advertising campaigns, and Steve Stoute, a renowned author and marketing entrepreneur.

Ten years later, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the brand's release on the market, they launched the Zino Platinum Ten Years, a cigar that they presented in two formats, Toro and Salomon, each one in limited editions, packaged in exclusive boxes from the brand.

In May 2021, Oettinger Davidoff relaunched the line in three formats: Short Torpedo (4 x 52), Robusto (5 x 54) and Toro (6 x 50), all presented in boxes with a striking yellow design, in order that it would stand out in the places of sale. With this relaunch, the company seeks to approach smokers with "an open mind and an unwavering curiosity".

Regardless of the size, Zino Platinum is positioned in the attractive segment of premium cigars, and especially offers an option for those consumers looking to discover new aromatic and taste sensations. Beyond the format and line, all cigars from this brand share the same blend consisting of filler tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, unified with a Nicaraguan binder and finished with an Ecuadorian wrapper.

You can purchase the exclusive limited edition Zino Platinum Art Miami series, in Gran Robusto format, in our store. The beautiful design of its box was made with the participation of the urban artist's collective UR from New York, as a tribute to the beautiful city of Miami, whose legacy to the world of cigars deserves to be recognized.

The cigars are made from a unique blend of Dominican and Peruvian long-filler tobaccos, aged for at least five years and wrapped in an Ecuador-Connecticut wrapper to produce a medium to full-bodied smoke.

Full of rich flavor and bold aromas, the Zino Platinum is such an indulgent experience that you won't want to miss it.

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