Would you like to combine cigars and rum? Here are some suggestions.

Cigars and rum share a common history. Both are principal products for enjoyment imported from the Caribbean, Central, and South America. Additionally, they are carefully crafted artisanal products that have undergone complex aging and blending processes, requiring the expertise of master blenders who, in the case of premium cigars and rums, practice their own form of art.

Many consider cigars and rums to be a perfect pair, but for that to be true, some conditions are required. Among them, perhaps the most well-known is the combination of flavors and fragrances, trying to harmonize, for example, mild cigars with young rums or darker, aged rums with cigars of similar characteristics.

Following that guideline, we suggest combining:

  • Mild cigars with light rums: to enhance the flavors of mild cigars, you can use white or light golden rums due to their smoothness and notes of vanilla and caramel.
  • Medium to full-flavored cigars with aged rums: for pairing these cigars, it is ideal to use dark aged rums or reserve rums because the complex flavors of the rum can balance the strong flavors of the cigar.
  • Maduro cigars with darker rums: Maduro cigars, with their earthy and sometimes fruity notes, can be complemented with darker and more complex rums, such as extra-dark aged rum or solera rum.
  • Aromatic cigars with special rums: special rums, like those aged in wine barrels or with specific flavors like coconut or spices, can pair well with aromatic cigars, adding additional layers of complexity.

Of course, there are some classic combinations of cigars and rums. Among them are those that mix cigars with rums from the same nationality. Here, we suggest trying some highly appreciated ones:

  • Habano with Cuban rum: an authentic Cuban Habano, such as Cohiba or Montecristo, pairs perfectly with a good Cuban rum, such as Havana Club Añejo 7 Años because the combination of earthy and complex flavors can be exceptional.
  • Dominican cigars with Dominican rum: a Dominican cigar, like those from the Arturo Fuente brand, can be combined with a premium Dominican rum, such as Brugal 1888. Both share an elegance and complexity that complement each other well.
  • Nicaraguan cigars with Nicaraguan rum: cigars from Nicaragua, like those from the Padron brand, can pair well with Nicaraguan rums, such as Flor de Caña 12 Years. Both tend to have rich and powerful flavors that complement each other.

However, for the more adventurous, they may also enjoy a pairing that emphasizes contrast. For them, we also have some suggestions:

  • Honduran cigars with Guatemalan rum: some Honduran cigars, such as those from the Camacho brand, can be combined with Guatemalan rums, such as Ron Zacapa Centenario. In this case, the robustness of the cigar can be balanced with the smoothness and complexity of the rum.
  • Nicaraguan cigars with Jamaican rums: a Nicaraguan cigar, like Oliva Serie V, could be combined with a Jamaican rum, such as Appleton Estate. The intensity of the Nicaraguan cigar can contrast with the fruity and spicy flavors of Jamaican rum.
  • Dominican cigars with Barbados rums: a Dominican cigar, like Arturo Fuente, could complement well with a rum from Barbados, such as Mount Gay XO. The smoothness and oak tones of the rum can enhance the flavors of the cigar.
  • Honduran cigars with Puerto Rican rums: a Honduran cigar, like Camacho, could be accompanied by a rum from Puerto Rico, such as Ron del Barrilito. The power of the cigar can be balanced with the smoothness and complexity of the rum.

Remember that the key is to experiment and find combinations that satisfy your personal preferences. Each cigar and rum has its own characteristics, and sometimes, unexpected combinations can be the most surprising. I hope you find some delicious pairings!


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