Villiger in Nicaragua

The company Villiger Söhne AG has a long-standing relationship with Nicaragua that began by purchasing tobacco for cigars produced in Germany. Subsequently, it partnered with Joya de Nicaragua, the oldest manufacturer in the country, to produce some of its most recognized lines. Finally, two years ago, it opened its own factory in Estelí.

The excellent properties of Nicaraguan tobacco, along with the experience of local specialists and proximity to the United States, the world's primary cigar consumer market, turned this business decision into a completely reasonable move. The area where Estelí is located is one of the three most important tobacco-producing regions in Nicaragua, a country recognized today for producing abundant tobacco with robust flavors, including the taste of wood, earth, and coffee, spicy nuances, and almost sweet nut aromas.


The factory where premium cigars are produced is named Villiger de Nicaragua. It is a modern facility of approximately 33,000 square feet. The operation was carried out in partnership with Joya de Nicaragua, whose experience is, undoubtedly, a guarantee to fulfill the goal of producing premium hand-rolled cigars destined to be consumed worldwide.

It began operating in October 2021 and is producing the brands that were previously made in Joya de Nicaragua. Currently, it employs about 150 specialists, including 80 rollers, producing around 16 brands in a wide variety of formats. Experienced personnel oversee the entire process, from production to cigar packaging and finally shipping, including all necessary quality controls.

Cigar Lines

Villiger de Nicaragua is producing the brands that were previously manufactured at Joya de Nicaragua. Among them are Villiger San’Doro, La Vencedora, La Meridiana, Corrida Nicaragua, and Casa de Nicaragua. Additionally, they relocated the production of the La Libertad brand, which was previously manufactured in the Dominican Republic.

Villiger San'Doro, one of the most recognized Nicaraguan productions of Villiger and a top seller in the U.S. market, is available in two versions: Colorado and Claro.

Villiger San’Doro Colorado, perhaps the most famous, owing to the perfectly combined Ecuadorian and Nicaraguan tobaccos in its blend, features an Ecuadorian Habano Colorado wrapper that binds well-aged Nicaraguan long-fillers, carefully assembled throughout the entire cigar. Villiger San'Doro Colorado resonates with notes of leather, cashew, and a subtle touch of honey. These cigars have received a rating of 93 points from Cigar Aficionado magazine critics and have twice made it to the Top 25 list: the Robusto at position 21 in 2016 and the Churchill at position 15 in 2018.

Villiger San'Doro Claro is a premium cigar wrapped in a high-quality Claro wrapper with a balanced combination of Nicaraguan tobaccos. These fine cigars, with a mild and spicy flavor, feature smooth and complex aromas that develop with full-bodied richness, blending perfectly together. This cigar predominantly offers mild, earthy, and woody toasted aromas accompanied by a slight creaminess.

Over the years, Villiger has been recognized for its innovative approach in the tobacco industry, introducing modern technologies and processes in cigar manufacturing to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Now, with its Nicaraguan plant, it once again demonstrates that it is an innovative and bold company that adapts to the changing demands of the global tobacco market.

In our store, you can find Villiger San’Doro Colorado and Villiger San’Doro Claro, both in Churchill, Robusto, and Toro formats. Additionally, we invite you to explore our wide variety of cigars and mini cigars from this renowned brand.


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