Top 4 Cigar Villains of All-Time

There have been many notable cigar smoking bad villains in movies, television, and comic books who’ve made an indelibly lasting impression on their fans. Whether they be from the world of animation or realistic characters in a drama or comedy, many of these characters are remembered for their villainous ways, with their cigar smoldering in their hand. It seemed to enhance their already seething personalities and become a part of them. These are the ones you definitely don’t want to meet in a dark alley; or any alley, for that matter!

Here are the Top 4 cigar villains of all-time. We’re sure you’ll recognize them.

Let’s start with my favorite cigar smoking villain ever and that’s Tony Montana, otherwise known as ‘Scarface’. He loved his huge top of the line Cuban cigars and was smoking one in almost every scene in the movie. They fit perfectly with his tough guy, greedy personality as he wreaked havoc in the Miami underworld. Nobody wanted to mess with Tony…or his sister, as Manny unceremoniously found out. Pacino really knows how to enjoy a cigar and I don’t think it was all acting either.

Anyone who has seen episodes of the HBO television hit series, The Sopranos, knows that Tony Soprano frequently enjoyed a C.A.O. cigar. Enjoying the popularity of the series and its star, the C.A.O. cigar company actually came up with a cigar brand aptly named, The Sopranos. James Gandolfini masterfully portrayed Tony Soprano, a character that was actually based on a real mobster, although it’s not known whether the real mobster enjoyed his favorite cigar. Tony was known for gesturing with the cigar and taking his time as he slowly puffed on his favorite C.A.O. stogie.

Another famous cigar smoking villain from the world of make believe is Batman’s nemesis, The Penguin. Portrayed on the original television series by Burgess Meredith, he was often seen with his monocle and the largest cigar he could find. The look worked for this blustery, campy character who was as humorous as he was evil. His laugh was loud and gruff, obviously proving that all that cigar smoking didn’t affect his sense of humor. Danny DeVito carried on the Penguin tradition in the movies, as the transformation from Oswald Cobblepot to Batman’s treacherous foe came full circle. DeVito’s interpretation also included plenty of cigar smoking to solidify the character’s appearance on this list.

Finally, one of the most feared Marvel comic book villains of all time, Kingpin, is known by his rather large stature accompanied by an even larger cigar. He was known as the Marvel crime king of New York City and originally a foe of Spiderman. The Kingpin was also characterized by his shiny white jacket, gold vest and walking stick. He was always seen enjoying his favorite cigar even in the heat of battle.

These villains, together, could fill a room with enough treachery and cigar smoke to keep a super-hero busy forever.


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