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The annual problem of what to buy Dad for Father’s Day is weighing heavily on the minds of many of us as the big day looms. Cigars are a good choice for almost every Father to enjoy and will probably be one of the best gifts any Dad will receive on this special day; the problem you may have isn’t knowing which cigar to choose for your Father, which’s why we’ve provided information on three choices that may meet the flavor needs of a Father who’s either a cigar aficionado or a novice to this form of smoking.

Father’s Day Cigar #3: Arturo Fuente Don Carlos No. 2
Let’s begin with a cigar that is often seen as a classic from Arturo Fuente for its mild to medium bodied flavor and blend of exciting flavors, which makes this a good cigar for any Father no matter what there experience is of cigars. Hand rolled in the Dominican Republic with filler and binder from the country and a wrapper from the Cameroon, this cigar is one of the hardest to come by and will make the perfect Father’s Day gift. Tobacco aged for 10 years is another reason to celebrate with one or more of these cigars that remains one of the most popular in its price range.

Father’s Day Cigar #2: Montecristo White Especial #3
The Montecristo White Especial #3, often called simply the White Label, that brings together a number of different fillers for one of the most impressive blends available in the cigar industry. These hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic cigars include Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Peruvian fillers, with a Nicaraguan binder and Ecuadorian wrapper. This is a good choice for Father’s who are not regular cigar smokers or simply enjoy a subtle, mild flavor with a few hints of other flavors seeping through as the cigar is smoked.

Father’s Day Cigar #1: Brick House Robusto
The brick HOuse Robusto was only introduced in 2008, but has already been rewarded for its classic appearance and flavors of oak and florals. One of the main areas of appeal for many is the rare Havana Subido wrapper used for this medium to full bodied cigar that will give any Father the perfect smoke every time no matter what location this cigar is smoked at. For those of us who love cigars the appearance of each cigar is almost as important as the smoking, which the small veins and deep color of the Brick House Robusto make as classic as it’s possible to be.

These are simply three of the many choices of high quality cigars anybody can buy for their father to make sure an enjoyable Father’s Day is always had. The range of flavors and body types mean there’s something on this list for everybody to enjoy.


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