To age cigars in humidors?

Cigar smokers, especially connoisseurs, understand that the passage of time affects the flavors and aromas of their cigars, just as it does with fine wines and spirits.

This phenomenon is especially important when it comes to premium cigars -made with long fillers-, because the torcedor (artisan who makes the cigars) must add moisture to the filler, binder and wrapper leaves, to facilitate blending and ensure satisfactory evolution.

The final fermentation process begins at that point, and it continues in the location where the already twisted cigars are stored to rest for a while. They are then ringed and placed in boxes that have been sealed and labeled with the month and year of manufacture.

The age of the cigars in the box begins to be measured at that point and continues until you smoke it. During this time, micro-fermentation processes occur, which cause the cigars to gradually improve as long as they are kept at the proper temperature and relative humidity.

That is exactly what a humidor does: it creates an ideal environment in which the mixture of the various aromas and essential oils of the cigars can retain their initial characteristics while evolving to offer flavors and aromas that are even more harmonious and balanced than when they were purchased. Furthermore, it prevents environmental odors from altering the characteristics of tobacco.

A humidor is a closed container that maintains a constant temperature and includes a controllable humidification system to keep cigars in perfect condition. A hygrometer measures the relative humidity level inside a humidor, and both analog and digital hygrometers can achieve an exact level of accuracy within certain ranges.

A humidor in good condition and with a properly functioning humidification system will allow you to store cigars for many years, as long as you keep enough space for proper air circulation, which is critical in preserving the internal environment.

However, the subject of humidor aging is the subject of an interesting debate among connoisseurs. A fundamental premise is that not all cigars improve in flavor and aroma with age. Only premium cigars, but not all, are perfected with aging, and the benefits can be very noticeable in some and insignificant in others.

There are no single opinions on how long it should be left the cigars in the humidor because it depends on the curing process that the leaves used in their preparation have undergone, but many experts agree that they should be left there for at least six months to experience the new flavor combinations that can emerge. An important factor to consider when aging cigars at home is that there appears to be a consensus that tobacco flavors tend to become milder over time. There is also no single theory about how a particular brand's flavor evolves.

We recommend that, in addition to what can be found in books, magazines, and other publications, it is clear that no opinion will be more important than the preferences that each smoker develops through their own experience.

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