The best way to share your cigar

The best way to share a good cigar is with a cup of wine or some kind of liquor for sure, either if it´s wine, a cocktail, beer or whiskey. So this time we want to share some of the last licours in two different categories that you can enjoy with your favourite cigar.

For this summer, while having a good time with friends, or with your boyo r girlfriend, get refreshed with the taste of ripe mango finely crafted Blue Moon Mango Wheat Beer. Keith Villa, the head brewmaster of Blue Moon, got inspired after spending a summer in Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cancun. Most of the Caribbean beaches in Central and South America have fruit vendors that add to your trip a hole cultural experience. Drinking beer to cool down your temperature and sweet mango inspired the creation of this beer, with a hint of honey for a mild sweetness with a bright yellow-orange colour and cloudy wheat haze. Blue Moon Mango Wheat Beer won a Silver Medal, at the Great American Beer Festival in 2016.

To pair with this soft beer we recommend, Bella,, menthol cigars made with a natural wrapper with a very mild, easy draw, great smoke. One of our favourites! You can also find them in other flavours at great prices.

This summer you can also enjoy a great cocktail same flavour as your cigar. Good Times Cigarillos Watermelon Pouch 15/3 Pre-Priced (, manufactured in the Dominican Republic, gives more experiences for summer. For this flavoured fruit cigar, we found out at, excellent recipes, to prepare great cocktails.

Tell us about your best experience with your liqueur and your favourite cigar. Share your stories and reviews of your products. Share and like.

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