The Art of Blending Your Cigars Properly

As you smoke a premium cigar, you may wonder how to achieve the well-blended flavor you enjoy so much. This feat is accomplished by practice and knowing the basic components that’re used to create the flavorful product that consumers delight in. The 3 basic components that gives your favorite premium cigars their flavor, strength and characteristics are the filler tobacco, binder leaves, and the wrapper tobacco.

The filler tobacco is in the center of the cigar and affects how strong the flavor of a cigar smokes. The differing filler blends gives the overall flavor. Some commonly used filler tobacco include olor, seco and ligero. Lingero is the strongest and most flavorful filler tobacco. Master blenders use a variety of combinations of filler tobacco to achieve the unique and distinctive flavors consumers enjoy.

The binder leaf holds the filler tobacco together and adds more strength and complexity to the overall flavor of your cigar blend. In fact, many master blenders use wrapper leaves to add a different and distinct flavor to cigars that create premium blends that consumers can’t get enough of.

The wrapper tobacco is the outside leaves that cigars are wrapped in and is usually the best quality tobacco and the most expensive part of a cigar. Wrapper leaves are grown either in sun or shade which affects the color and flavor of the cigar. Sun grown wrappers are usually thicker, darker, oilier and more flavorful. Shade grown wrapper leaves are grown under a tent of cheese cloth and are usually lighter in color. The wrapper leaves are affected by fermentation and is heated and reheated to get the desired color, texture and flavor the blender desires.

Master blenders create flavors and blends that’re consistent in various sizes of cigars. Whether you prefer mild, medium or full bodied flavor in your premium cigar, there are lots of factors that influence the flavor and strength. Two influencing factors about size is the diameter and length. The bigger the diameter, the more smoke the consumer intakes. The longer the cigar, the longer the pleasure of the individual smoking experience. Some popular premium cigars are the Robusto, which is about a quarter in diameter and the Toro, about the same diameter as the Robusto and about an inch longer, yet each has its own distinctive flavor. The Corona is only about the diameter of a dime and about 5 to 6 1/2 inches long. The point is that master blenders have the knowledge and know-how to take various tobaccos from various locals and regions to consistently blend premium cigars. This skill requires more than a recipe because even tobacco grown in the same field vary from year to year.

Yet there creations are enjoyed and become world renown. You can choose your perfect size as well as the perfect blend in your premium cigar and since cigars are great gifts, you can also find out how many people you gift agree with you. If you are still sampling various cigars looking for you perfect cigar, enjoy the search.



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