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The red bag. How I rescued the jewels of her family

I decided to make a trip to Spain to visit my family, specifically to Bilbao. In my country is really important that at any security control you keep more than one eye on your stuff anything could happen. As a foreign, you don´t expect anything to happen, as a local, you expect it and even get surprised. I wasn´t expecting anything to happen, but it did.

It was a Tuesday morning when some relatives dropped me off at the airport. As usual getting up so early in the morning causes you to fell so dizzy, so sleepy and clumsy. Before I took the plane I had a cup of coffee and was thinking Icould have a Rocky Patel Toro Cigar. After check-in at the airline, before I could drop my baggage, the police department had a security point. My bags were open same as other older woman on my side.

For some reason she started screaming: “I was robbed, I was robbed! The jewels”. I didn´t know what was happening, the only thing I had for sure is that she had been robbed.

More than 10 hours on the plane, I had enough imagination to make up sad endings on how that old lady had been stolen. Also, more than 10 hours to think about how tired I will feel after arriving at my aunt’s house; the Rocky Patel will help me feel better for sure.

The first thing to do when you arrive: open your bag and get presents out for your family. It´s even more important than going to the bathroom.

After taking out a few presents, I found a little red bag. Yes, inside were the lady’s jewels. So this was what happened: the police officer that was with us checking those bags, got caught by the lady that knew some of her little bags were missing in her luggage when she started screaming, he placed the red bag over mine!

My family helped me to find the owner of the jewels through a friend that worked for the airline, they found her phone and contacted her. When I called her, she couldn´t believe I was giving her back those jewels, those were from her great-grandmother, then meant a lot to her and her family.

We set up a date to give her the jewels. Her husband that was from Spain couldn’t believe I had the decency of returning those jewels to the owner. We invited them to my aunts apartment. While talking about this unbelievable story I found out he was also a Rocky Patel fan, he offered me a cigar a 5 year aged, same as mine. We had a good time, not only returning the jewels to his wife, but making new friends.

How do you imagine that red bag of the jewels of the family?

Telling this story was inspired by @RockyPatels cigars, a brand that transformed a big company to something personal, close and unique, still being a big company… it´s part of your daily life, it reminds us that smoking and stories are always individual. All the stories are found interesting when there is tobacco in the middle. This brand is world wide known

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