Stop Lighting Your Stogies With Matches!

You’ve done it. Went to our website and finally got some cigars that you can’t wait to get in the mail to light up, maybe pour yourself a beverage – kick back and relax when they arrive. Once they do, you reach for a box of wooden matches. Whoa there partner! Back it up a step or two, and let us go over why you should stop using anything but a made-for-cigars lighter.

First off, using wooden matches to light that precious bunch of rolled tobacco is pretty darn barbaric. I mean, after all, this is the year 2019. Are you stuck in the Dark Ages? We are modern people, there is a better way! Enter the cigar lighter. This perfectly engineered piece of tobacco lighting heaven is going to make your life so much easier. Gone are the days of using several matches to toast your foot and get a nice even light on every cigar. Gone are the days of tasting sulfur or other chemicals imparted from the match. These lighters are basically butane torches that are specially made for lighting cigars.

Because butane is odorless and colorless, it imparts no flavor through the flame to the stick. It also burns nearly 100% cleanly, which is even better news. The reason you want to get an actual cigar lighter is that they generally have additional features to make your smoking experience easier and more relaxing: Such as cutters, hole punches or more than one flame. You can even find some lighters akin to a Swiss army knife of cigar smoking that include all of these and even more. Imagine needing only one tool instead of two to three to get your smoke session starting. Your pockets are already thanking you.

Another reason that you should switch to a cigar lighter is because it gives you better control over the flame than wooden matches. The Butane lighters made for cigars are going to be jet or torch lighters. These precision flames allow you to apply heat exactly where you want it, and they are usually windproof or wind resistant, making them easier to use outside.

If you have never experienced smoking while using one of these lighters, you should. It is a switch that you’ll never regret. The benefits of a cigar lighter are tenfold over wooden matches. Once you try one, you’ll never go back to lighting with matches ever again.



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