Smoking Cigars: The Art Behind the Luxury

Smoking a cigar is a talent in itself since it’s different than smoking a cigarette, hookah, or vaping and should be handled in a way that’s specific to the general type of cigar being enjoyed. Continue reading to learn the basics behind properly smoking a cigar.

The first thing that you should know about smoking cigars that is consistent regardless of the type is you should take your time, enjoy the luxury, don’t rush the process and do not inhale the smoke. You’re not smoking a cigarette which would be quick hits and deep inhales. Instead, draw in slowly and steady; enjoy the taste of the smoke in your mouth; exhale equally as calm. by doing this, you’re not missing on the delicacy of the taste of a good cigar and avoid overheating the cigar or choking up your lungs.

You want to space out your puffs of cigar based on the size of the cigar so that you don’t burn the product from the inside out. A burnt cigar isn’t a good tasting cigar and will make your experience displeasing. If you’re sharing your cigar with clients, family, or other influential people a burnt cigar can cause embarrassment and a loss of business in worse cases. So, head the warning, learn how often to inhale off your cigar before you start smoking.

Typically, the rule of thumb is approximately a puff a minute. The thicker, larger a cigar is the deeper an inhale it may require to get a full taste. In general, you’ll inhale until your mouth is fully but comfortably filled with smoke. Play with the smoke as you exhale. Some people eventually get good at blowing showy smoke rings and other smoke tricks which’re always great to impress party guests. When you’re inhaling you want to suck in the smoke, think of how you suck through a straw. This method will keep you from inhaling into your lungs.

All in all, cigar smoking is something you perfect with time. Take these basic tips and apply them to your next cigar smoking experience. Remember the basics: Inhale to your mouth, not your lungs; pace yourself, you are smoking a well-crafted cigar not a mass produced cigarette; enjoy the luxury. Cigar smoking is an art as much as crafting the cigar itself, treat it as such.


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