Rocky Patell: from lawyer to tobacco man

During the tobacco boom of the 1990s, many people decided to enter the business, but few survived the passing of the years. Rocky Patel was one of them.

Before that decision, Rocky Patel, an American of Indian origin, lived in Los Angeles where he practiced as a stylish Hollywood lawyer. In 1995 he made the necessary investment to begin manufacturing cigars in Honduras. He created the Indian Tabac Cigar Co., and with it he manufactured his products until, in 2003, he changed its name to Rocky Patel Premium Cigars.

In 2009, in association with Amilcar Perez-Castro, he created Tabacalera Villa Cuba, S.A., a small factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. From there he began to diversify, he decided to put his own name on the cigars and in a few years, he thought that it was time to have full control of the business, so he opened a second factory that was completely owned by him. Since 2019, most of the brand's new lines of premium cigars are rolled, aged, banded and packaged by hand, in the discreet boutique factory in Esteli.

His presence in the competitive and complex world of tobacco for 27 years has been possible thanks to his persistence in the search for perfection, his hard work and his constant interest in formulating new ideas and new techniques in each and every one of the different phases through which the finished product must pass: the quality of the leaves, the improvement of the mixtures, the packaging, the marketing. An interesting example of the use of innovative strategies related to marketing are the Factory Tour, the trips they organize so that fans from all over the world live, directly, the experience of the meticulous work and quality control involved in the elaboration of the pure ones

Rocky Patel Vintage cigars were the first with his name and have become his signature brand; it comprises five Vintage Series, of which the 1990, 1999 and 2003 can be purchased in our store. Since the new management of the company began, Rocky has launched numerous brands, some of which have been very well received by specialized critics.

In our store you can buy some of those that have been rated by Cigar Aficionado with more than 90 points:

Rocky Patel Decade Cigars (95 points)

A smooth and robust limited-edition cigar with Rocky Patel's characteristic earthy and sweet character. Its smoke has a rich and creamy texture with distinctive notes of black cherry and a surprising nutty final flavor. Each format comes in its own box with an original Rocky sketch inside the packaging.

Fifteenth Anniversary (93 points)

Made from the finest Nicaraguan tobaccos to commemorate Rocky Patel's fifteenth anniversary in the cigar industry, these cigars are a box-pressed masterpiece. During 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2018 they were listed in the Top 25 Cigar Aficionado.

Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 (93 points)

The medium flavor of these cigars makes them a popular choice for a wide range of cigar smokers. They are made with a mix of Nicaraguan and Dominican fillings, aged for eight years to create the specific flavors that Patel himself wanted to achieve. They are covered with a top-quality Cameroon leaf, stored for many years.



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