Reviving a Dried Cigar

No matter how great the care we take to delicately and perfectly preserve our cigars, it’s inevitable that once in a while a mistake will be made by you or someone you know (perhaps even your cigar shop) and you’ll end up with a dried out cigar. Naturally, this is about the least desirable thing that can happen to any given stick as dried out cigars will burn extremely quickly, produce excess smoke and contain a very bitter and unpleasant taste.

But there is some good news and that’s that the process is sometimes reversible. As long as your cigar has at least some of it’s essential oils and a intact wrapper then you will be able to “bring back” your stick with a little ingenuity. If, however, your cigar’s wrapper has been damaged, all the oils have evaporated from the stick, or both, then you might as well just through the cigar away – there’s just no saving it.

The first thing you’ll want to do is grab a your trusty humidor as well as a piece of soft cloth. Now remove all of your stogies from the humidor and put them somewhere safe that’s dry and dark.

Next, gently and lightly moisten the towel or cleaning cloth (use distilled water or heavily filer water but not water straight out of your tap) but make sure it’s not dripping wet (you only need a very small amount of water).

Finally, wipe down the inside of your humidor, making sure to swipe every bare surface. Then re-calibrate your humidor and refill your humidification element with distilled water. As always you’ll want your humidor to even out to around and between the 72 to 75 humidity range (optimal is generally considered between 72 and 74).

Now simply place your cigar within the moistened and re-calibrated humidor, close the lid and leave it there. The rejuvenating process is a very long one as the moisture must be allowed to seep all the way into the deepest leaves of the stick and will generally take around two to three weeks (though it might re-moisten more quickly depending on the type of cigar and it’s degree of dehydration so be sure to check it thoroughly and regularly). To test and see whether or not your cigar is re-moistened and ready to be smoked take it out of your humidor and very gingerly squeeze it between your thumb and forefinger. If it doesn’t give then it’s still too dry and needs to go back in the humidor, if it feels soft and spongy (but not mushy) then it’s good to smoke.


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