Relax with a short vacation

I think the word relax and vacation are one of my two favorites, saying then and even more doing them. For the people who work and love to travel this could be a good article to read.

Most of the time when we want to travel we think in a far destination; Europe, Russia (now with the World Cup, it could be a nice destination, ha ha ha), Tailand, Japan; that normally costs a lot of money, it takes more time and preparation to find what is really relevant to see in that country, all the previous research it takes to finally make our purchase and find adventure overseas.

Through the years, I have had the chance to explore my own country, and you could say this from your own culture, your own place, your own gap; and I surely never regret. There are some good reasons to point this:

  • You help the local economy to grow, and if you leave in the same area, it will help your economy too.
  • You could save more money and visit more places during the time of your vacation
  • You can have the chance to be home faster and rest from your vacation, because it is a fact that you arrive tired from your time of vacation, or its just me?

We present some dream places you can visit if you live in Florida.

Amelia Island

Located at the northeast coast, 30 miles from Jacksonville, Amelia Island is a world apart. Golden sand, horseback rides, dolphins and and even a glimpse of the endagered right whale. It has luxury hotels, and its historical exploration makes a it a wonderful selection for the perfect getway.

Alligator Point

This rural beach community in the Big Bend is shaped like an alligator, hence the name. Not exactly an island, but Alligator Point's skinny peninsula does measure about 1,000 feet wide at one point. Its unpopulated shoreline, low- rise beach houses (many rentals) and over a 100 part-time residents make this island the perfect place to escape. Now you can too!

Fisher Island

Follow I-395 till you reach Terminal Isle — your destination is the auto-ferry headed for the historic island set on Biscayne Bay off a busy Miami Beach causeway. Just seven minutes from the mainland, this enclave is where big rollers reside and vacay. At the Fisher Island Club & Resort, stay at luxe circa-1925 cottages of the Vanderbilt estate and tee off at a seaside golf course.

The most important thing is that wether you decide to go far or close, enjoy your time, because time never comes back.


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