Olive. A brand backed by its history

The renowned Oliva cigar brand has a long history that supports its prestige.

Its beginnings date back to 1886, when Melanio Oliva obtained his first tobacco harvest in Pinar del Río, Cuba. Although the island's War of Independence forced them to suspend operations for a few years, they grew tobacco in that country until the early 1960s, when Fidel Castro's revolution came to power and they were forced to leave Cuba.

After a time of exploring possibilities in some countries such as Mexico, Honduras and Panama, they decided to settle in Nicaragua, where they found land with conditions similar to the soils of the Caribbean Island, an objective they had in mind to reproduce the distinctive Cuban taste to which they were accustomed.

In 1995, Gilberto, Melanio's grandson, founded Oliva Cigar Co., a company with which, after a few years and thanks to his fidelity to the traditional methods of curing, blending and rolling, he managed to rebuild the prestige they previously had as Cuban producers. Although initially, the cigars were made up of fillers from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, Dominican binder and wrappers grown in Ecuador from Connecticut seeds, the success was such that, shortly after, they had immense cultivation areas distributed throughout the Nicaraguan territory, and had become one of the largest growers of Cuban seed tobacco in Nicaragua.

Barely 10 years later they had already reached second place as tobacco producers in Nicaragua, with a production of 6 million cigars per year and they only needed four more years to reach the 13 million per year they produced in 2009, which were made with tobacco harvested by themselves in the lands of Estelí, Condega, Jalapa and Somoto, places all located in Nicaragua.

The following years were of great success and recognition and, in 2014, they obtained the coveted award "Cigar of the Year", asigned by Cigar Aficionado magazine in its annual rating. The award-winning cigar was Oliva Series V Melanio Figurado.

Although in the summer of 2016 Oliva was acquired by J. Cortès Cigars NV, a Belgian company specializing in machine-made cigars, the members of the Oliva family, including the great-grandchildren of Melanio Oliva, continue to be actively involved in the family brand and, of course, the Oliva brand is still available, since they were a fundamental part of the business. At the time of the company's sale, they were producing almost 16 million cigars, of which 95% were sold in the US market.

Beyond the change of ownership, Oliva Cigar Co. has continued its expansion and, last year, acquired the traditional Cuba Aliados, Puros Indios and Roly brands, owned by the Reyes family, Honduran producers responsible for Honduras appearing on the restricted map of producers of premium cigars.

In our store, the G, O and V Series are available, plus the Oliva Connecticut Reserve series, all in their various Churchill, Robusto, Toro and Torpedo formats. In addition, we have the Flor de Oliva series, in its Churchill, Torpedo and President formats, all in their economical presentation of bundles of 20 cigars.

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