Not for murder, it was for money

A young man was watching the sea while he was thinking how could his change his life, he liked to brag about things he bought in front of his peers, also he was selling stuff to people, he wanted to trade with different goods and during his free time he read gangsters novels; some of his favorites were The God Father, Cosa Nostra, Gomorra and Gangster, among others. These novels made him feel alive, he felt attracted to that lifestyle, the only thing he was missing was a cigar, to look more to one of his favourite characters. He wished he could be part of the Italian mafia and be the boss. One of the mafia characters that attracted him the most was Al Capone.

Al Capone´s original name was Alphonse Capone, he was born in the 1890 and grew up in Brooklyn, and like many other gangsters he didn´t finish up school, instead of that he began living in the streets. Around his 30´s he had started his own business mainly based on gambling, the sale of liquor and prostitution. During the early 1920´s alcoholic beverages transportation was banned in the United States, and just like Zorro, he benefits people by giving them what they wanted.

When war among other gangs began during 1929, he ordered the murder of 7 men of Bugs Moran, leader of the group that was trying to gain ground in Chicago, Capone wanted to be the boss of all the territory because that represented more money for his business. In the movie “The Intouchables” all the story behind this persecution can be seen in detail, the story shows how money corrupts the system and how this reached even the state police so that they could be inside Al Capone´s pockets.

Charles Martin Smith, Kevin Costner, Sean Connery and Andy García make the group of 4 policemen that decided to put Al Capone in prison. In 1931, Al Capone was sentenced to jail but not for his illegal business but for tax evasion. He spent 8 years in prison and was released being a really sick man. Finally, he died of cardiac arrest in Florida, and his legend became the subject of films and books throughout the twentieth century.

Al Capone, name so inspiring not only for this young boy who liked to make business, his intelligence in business has reached our store to inspire the name of a product that its entire leaf wrap says excellence. Did you know we have a brand called Al Capone? Yes! Three different ones to taste the flavour of mafia… Al Capone Sweets Cognac Cigarrillos, Al Capone Sweets Cognac Filter Cigarrillos and Al Capone Rum Cigarillos.

Here are some of the customer’s reviews:

“Al Capone Sweets Cognac Cigarrillos: This is one of those products that speaks for itself. The moment you light one up is the moment you realize that not a word needs to be said. Everything about these cigars, from the quality packaging to the whole leaf wrap says ‘Excellence’. They light easy, burn evenly and slowly, and fit perfectly in my TarGard filters. I can’t really taste the cognac flavour over the sweetness, but then I’ve never really tasted cognac without the bite of alcohol content. Quality comes at a cost, and I appreciate Florida Tobacco Shop ´s efforts to bring us Al Capone cigars for $100 less than the retail shelf price.

Reviewed by: Killian G Goetowski from East Coast, USA.

Very Good!

These Al Capone cigars are unbelievable! They are so smooth, give a great buzz, and worth every penny spent on them!

Reviewed by: Andrew Kero from Sparta, New Jersey. on 11/28/2011

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