NUB by Oliva. A successful experiment

Oliva Cigars unveiled in 2008 a daring and unique concept that meant a true innovation in the world of tobacco. It was the NUB line, short but corpulent cigars whose blends capture the perfect essence of a conventional sized cigar.

These interesting cigars, handcrafted from densely packed long fillers, were developed by the master blenders of Oliva, in Esteli, Nicaragua, under the responsibility of Studio Tobac, the brand's creative unit.

In the community of cigar smokers, the final part of the tobacco is called "nub", where its characteristic flavor is usually concentrated, which is smoked or discarded depending on the taste of the smoker. Calling these very short and thick cigars NUB, was very appropriate to convey the idea that their small format offers a full-flavoured experience that is possible because they develop their optimal flavor much more quickly than conventional ring cigars, which burn more slowly.

With that concept in mind, the NUB series was designed and hand-rolled to produce that traditional "sweet spot" from the first puff to the last. Of course, not only the format counts, the quality is guaranteed from the excellent Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos wrapped in several wrappers from different parts of the world, all capable of accentuating the flavors and qualities of their excellent blends.

The result was a conceptual cigar, capable of giving those who smoke it the best possible experience. Coming in a variety of profiles, NUB cigars are instantly recognizable because their short, thick shape gives them an unusual, bullet-like appearance.

Considered one of the most innovative cigars in existence, NUB is made with five different wrappers -Connecticut, Habano, Maduro, Cameroon and Double Maduro- at Oliva's large factory in Estelí, Nicaragua.

The first in the series was the Connecticut, launched in April 2008 with enormous success, followed by others in subsequent years. Since then, NUB has experimented with a wide variety of vitolas ranging from 3 3/4" by 58 ring gauge to 4" by 66, although its classic format is 4" by 60.

In our store you will find available in their various formats, two of the most appreciated capes of this prestigious brand:

NUB Cameroon. A medium-bodied cigar with rich notes of oak, cedar and coffee, which gives it an intense but very pleasant aroma that makes it be considered one of the best-smelling cigars on the market. Although they are bold cigars, they manage to perfectly harmonize that boldness with a certain sweetness that leaves an intriguing spicy aftertaste. Her draw is excellent and the smoke is buttery smooth on the tongue, with hints of leather and spice.

NUB Connecticut. A cigar with a very smooth and silky wrapper texture and a pleasant visual appeal. It usually starts out sweet and smooth, with slightly spicy and creamy notes of cedar that resemble the taste of chocolate. In essence, it is a medium-bodied and slightly sweet cigar, characteristics that, together with its short size, make it excellent for smoking in the morning.

Today, NUB Cigars are considered almost a unique brand and their popularity has become almost a cult and, although they are very bold cigars, they have earned both the acceptance and respect they enjoy.

A successful experiment that became the favorite of many. Try one of these exquisite cigars today and enjoy your experience with them.


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