Lighting Your Cigar The Proper Way

It’s important enough to know how to care for and store your cigars. It’s absolutely essential to know how to enjoy the cigar properly. You’ll need the nice, big flame that comes from a cigar lighter. Plus it burns cleanly and butane lighters do not affect the taste of the cigar as long as you are careful not to char the cigar during lighting. Needless to say, having a cigar lighter shows how serious you are about your cigars and their flavor.

Lighting the cigar is relatively quick, but there is a technique involved. First, you never want to use a stove-top, Zippo lighter, candles, or paper matches. Wooden cigar matches do exist, but there is sulfur covering the tip of the match. The chemicals involved in lighting your cigar in the aforementioned ways ruins the flavor which’s a large part of the experience.

The best option is to use a butane lighter to retain flavor and reduce chemicals. The intense blue flame lights a cigar properly. To get the cigar toasted you never want to hold the cigar directly against the flame. Butane lighters are very hot and wind-resistant, be sure not to scorch your cigar. You want to be sure that you hold the cigar over the flame about two to three inches at a 45 degree angle. Slowly turn the cigar until you have evenly “toasted the foot” of the cigar. If the cigar is not burning evenly you can gently blow on it until it is properly lit. Toasting the foot of the cigar burns the outer wrapping and tobacco in a thin circle, at this point you want to light the interior. Hold the flame a half inch away from the cigar and rotate the cigar while drawing in air to completely light the foot.

Having a cigar is a truly enjoyable experience. Experiencing the smoke of the moist tobacco all rests upon how you light the cigar and what you light it with. Sticking to these easy rules about lighting and smoking cigars will guarantee that you have a lovely tasting, even burning smoke every time.


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