How to have a great smoking experience
Having a great smoking experience is necessary now when the price of cigarettes and smoking bans are increasing in the United States. Now every cigarette counts! Make sure you know how to enjoy each one. You can take advantage of each of your cigarettes by choosing the correct brand, place and technique. We will give you some tips...

Pick a cigarette

Choose a brand. Frequently, a beginner smoker chooses soft or ultra soft cigarettes, which is recommended since the nicotine content is usually lower in this type of cigarettes. When you have some management of how to smoke properly, try to switch to regular cigarettes. Many people say that this will give you a better experience because of increased nicotine and increased taste. The only way to find out which brand you like best is by trying several; Experience.

Consider menthol cigarettes. Consider opting for these if you notice that the taste of regular cigarettes is strong. Menthol contains a non-tobacco additive that creates a mint flavor when inhaled.

  • You should keep in mind that these types of cigarettes have a great mint flavor.
  • You may not like menthol cigarettes if you've smoked the regulars earlier in your life. Many people who have acquired a taste for natural cigarettes are rather dissatisfied with menthol cigarettes.

Try some flavored cigarettes. There is a wide variety of flavored cigarettes on the market if you are looking for a particular flavor. There are cigarettes flavored with cherry, chocolate, orange, mango and so on. These different flavors are understood. These cigarettes are designed to taste similarly to the taste indicated on your label. These can be a good option if you dislike regular cigarettes, but if you also dislike the taste of cloves or mint.

Light the cigarette

Compact your cigarettes. Most cigarette brands are favored with good compaction. This will adjust the tobacco, which will cause a cigarette to be consumed more slowly. Before opening the plastic film around the pack you smoke, hit the side of the pack filter with the heel of the palm of the hand quickly for about 10 to 20 seconds.

Use a good lighter. Some lighters are cheap and work well, but they do not generate the same satisfaction as a classic Zippo style. Not only the first parts of the cigarette know different with a better lighter, but you will learn to love and appreciate your lighter if it is of a better quality.

Light the cigarette. Hold the tip of the cigarette filter on your lips. Light the cigarette lighter and keep the flame just under the cigarette. Take a breath as you inhale gently into your mouth. Do this until the entire tip of the cigarette shines and shines. You can rotate the cigarette as you turn it on if it does not light evenly.

Smoke a cigarette

Smoke without haste. When you smoke, make sure you are not in a hurry, that no one will bother you and be alone or with people that you like. This will allow you to enjoy much more of your time to smoke, especially if you are with a smoking friends.

Inhale the cigarette. This should not be behind your teeth when you put it on your lips. There are many ways to get tobacco smoke into your lungs. The most common way to do this is to rid your mouth of air, place the lighted cigarette on your lips, then suck air in the mouth (not the lungs), keep the smoke there for a second, then inhale normally through the mouth and inhale The smoke (which has now cooled) in the lungs.
  • When you inhale, be sure to raise your tongue until you almost touch the butt of the cigarette so that the smoke has to pass along the tongue. This will allow you to savor the cigarette and perceive the difference between good and bad cigarettes. 
  • Some people recommend slightly moistening their lips with their tongues before placing the cigarette in the mouth so that the cigarette does not stick to the lips.

Exhale the smoke. After inhaling, keep the smoke in the lungs for a short time and then exhale. Smoking a cigarette is not like smoking marijuana; You will not get drunk by inhaling and waiting until you almost faint to exhale. Instead, inhale normally up to your lung capacity, hold your breath for a moment and then exhale.

Properly dispose of the ashes. This should be done when the cigarette ashes reach 5 mm (1/4 inch) or more. There is no precise length where you need to do it, so use your criteria. Place the ashes of the cigarette in an ashtray if you have it available. To do this, lightly tap the cigarette on the ashtray or shake it quickly with your fingers if you are on the outside and you do not have an ashtray nearby.

Put out the cigarette. Turn it off when you reach the filter. When you are outside, pull the butt near you and hold it by turning your foot over it before removing it to make sure it is completely turned off. When you put out a cigarette in an ashtray, hold it vertically and turn it off with the tip down. Push and crush the cigarette in the ashtray until there is no sign of fire. Be sure to throw the cigarette in the trash can on the outside; Do not leave it on the floor. Do not continue smoking your cigarette when approaching 8 to 12 millimeters to the filter. The smoke will heat up at that point.

Smoking with label

Hold the cigarette properly. Hold it more or less on the filter, between the index finger and the middle finger. The exact place to hold it depends on what is comfortable for you. Be cautious with the tip of the cigarette when you hold it idle. It is considered a bad courtesy to burn someone or something with the cigarette.

Do not make gestures with the cigarette. Use the other hand if you have to point or gesture towards something while you talk. The hand holding the cigarette should be relatively still, except when you take it to your lips and away from it.

Ask if you can light your cigarette before you do it when you are on someone’s property. If you’re in someone’s backyard, do not light a cigarette without asking. Be respectful of the wishes of people who do not want you to smoke on their property.

Take responsibility for the butt. Do not throw cigarettes in the trash cans without turning them off completely as this can cause a fire. Do not throw the finished cigarettes on the floor without thinking. That’s dirty. You should turn off your finished cigarette on a hard surface or ashtray and then discard it.


  • Do not rush to smoke when you do. Tobacco tastes best when it is cold; Heating it by sucking too much, too quickly or too often will heat the tobacco behind the fire and will make it taste worse. Relax, breathe and take another puff.
  • Another way to turn off a cigarette is to squeeze it while you turn it with your fingers, remove the tobacco and the fire immediately until turning it off and, in this way, leave it off in your hand. This is a handy way to save a cigarette for later if you have few or if you do not already have.
  • Touching the butt with the tongue is unusual, but in certain circles and with certain cigarettes is common. Many clove cigarettes have a flavored cigarette butt; Licking your lips or butt allows the smoker to taste it. Also touching the bottom of the cigarette butt (on the edge of the paper at the end of the filter) with your tongue allows you to savor the incoming smoke.
  • Be alert when you smoke in the presence of non-smokers. One major reason for smoking ban is that discourteous smokers throw their smoke to people who do not smoke. If there is wind, get in the direction of him not to disturb this type of people. Otherwise, or if you can not move in the wind, exhale up to keep smoke away from the eyes, noses, and clothing of non-smokers.

Things You’ll Need

  • A good lighter
  • A quiet or pleasant place to smoke
  • A nearby ashtray

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