How Can Humid Conditions Affect Your Cigar Smoking Experience?

Hot weather and humidity can affect many parts of your day. From your hair getting frizzy, to your face breaking out in zit inducing sweat in one minute flat, to your loaf of bread molding faster than usual, humidity can be a real problem.

Cigar smokers should be aware of the effects of humidity. You see, humidity plays a big factor in that aromatic taste and smell that comes with smoking cigars. Many people are drawn to cigars because of the aromas and taste that they bring with them, from berry, to chocolate and more.

So the question is, in what way does humidity affect cigars? To answer this question, we need to take a little look at how factories do things. Cigar manufacturers package cigars with a certain amount of moisture. The most common percentages are anywhere between 12% to 15% humidity. When a cigar’s smoked, it’s essential that this humidity level is maintained, or problems can arise.

Cigars are unique because they absorb humidity in the room around them. This can cause problems if cigars are not stored properly. For example, when the humidity levels are too low a cigar can dry out and this can completely ruin the cigar. Having a dried-up cigar isn’t a good thing, because this can zap all of the oils contained inside that gives it its flavor. As if losing all the flavors of cigar weren’t bad enough, a dried-up cigar won’t burn properly. A cigar is meant to burn slowly and evenly, releasing the flavor and aroma constantly. But the dried-up cigar won’t, as it’ll burn too quickly and create a bitter taste.

On the other end of the spectrum, storing a cigar in a place of too much humidity is just as bad. When a cigar becomes moist, as is possible in areas of high humidity, it can be difficult to smoke a cigar since smoke won’t pass through as well. In addition, it’ll fail to burn evenly, and can cause tunneling. Tunneling is bad for cigar users because flavors that may not have been meant to be mixed can smash together, creating a strange or one-dimensional taste. Plus, too much humidity can cause an over-abundance of smoke, leading to your senses becoming overloaded.

Humidity levels affect more than just the frizz in your hair. Storing your smokes in a humidity controlled environment will keep them fresh longer, and will contribute to an excellent and relaxing experience.


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