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Cusano, the cigar brand that produces a variety of high-quality, value-priced cigars, was the brainchild of Michael Chiusano, a New Yorker born and raised in Brooklyn. The story is quite unique because, unlike most cigar makers, Chiusano did not come from that world. He worked in finance and was a fan of Cuban cigars. 

His decision to create DomRey Cigar Inc. in Bradenton, Florida, in the mid-1990s was an impulsive event rather than a planned action. Indeed, on a trip to the Dominican Republic, he found a cigar he liked so much that he bought 100 of them. Upon his return he had a rudimentary band made under the name Cusano Hermanos and gave them to a local tobacconist from whom he used to buy his cigars. Soon after, that merchant asked him for another hundred and, after a while, the demand grew so much that Chiusano ended up buying thousands of cigars to satisfy a market that had been generated in a totally unexpected way.

Their thriving business continued to grow and by 2008, DomRey Cigar Inc. had sold five million cigars and had become firmly entrenched in the mid- to low-priced segments of the premium cigar industry. The concept is simple: they target the everyday smoker segment with a product that is excellent value for money. 

Although from the beginning, the cigars were manufactured by Davidoff in the Dominican Republic, Chiusano remained at the helm of the brand. However, he retired after it was bought in 2009 by the large Swiss company Oettinger Davidoff Group, which was looking to access new distribution channels in the United States.

The M1 Line

In its desire to keep aficionados who seek excellent quality at affordable prices satisfied, for several years now, Cusano has been marketing many of its cigars in extremely popular packages.

Among them is the M1 Line, which was born to compete with giants such as Macanudo and Partagás. In fact, the Cusano M1 is combined with the famous quality and flavor of the Macanudo model; a perfect combination of Dominican fillers placed inside a Connecticut wrapper leaf.

This line is rolled at AgroIndustrias Laepe in Honduras and is offered in some of the best-selling formats such as Robusto, Churchill, Corona and Gordo.

Cusano M1 Bundle cigars are handmade cigars with a beautiful Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper over aged Dominican binder and filler tobaccos that combine to satisfy any cigar connoisseur's palate. They are designed to deliver all the quality and flavor of a premium cigar for only a fraction of the price.

Their flavor is smooth and creamy, and to give them an extra Cuban-style taste, the Cusano M1 uses a double-binder process that uniquely reinforces their overall construction.

In our store they are available in Robusto, Churchill and Corona formats. Don't miss them.

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