Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars for Sale Now
Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars have been in the market for some time and have gained some popularity because of their good quality and descent pricing. These filtered cigars are made Rouseco Inc which also makes other tobacco products under the same name like Pipe Tobacco, and Cigarette Filter Tubes.

Golden Harvest Cigars are available in most parts of the the USA and can be found in your local gas stations or tobacco shops, they come in Hard Flip top box and are available in flavors like Peach, Cherry, Sweets, Menthol, Light, Full Flavor, and Blackberry.

Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars are more convenienent to be purchase online as buying cigars online is not only much easier; but you can find a wide variety of cigars, styles and flavors that your local tobacco shop may not carry due to counter space.

Here at Florida Tobacco Shop not only we have made buying cigars much easier; but we perfected by having the lowest prices in the nation, and the best selection of cigars you can find.

So go ahead and browse around, you will find not only the top selling brands like Clipper, Cheyenne, Blackstone, Wrangler and Swisher Sweets , but you also Cigarette Tubes, Cigar Humidors and much more

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