GTO Filtered Cigars are in
GTO Filtered Cigars are a new breed of filtered cigars that recently hit the market and actually made a big impression. These little cigars are made in Miami, FL for Sunshine Tobacco which also sells Wrangler Filtered Cigars, Bella Filtered Cigars and Vaquero Filtered Cigars

GTO Cigars are available in 3 flavors for now but word is that they are coming up with more flavors in the near future. These filtered cigars come in a flip tip box packaging and a carton. The flavors are Full Flavor, Light, and Menthol. But the brand GTO does not only stands for Filtered Cigars, they also make Pipe Tobacco and Filter Tubes.

Now us as a company are always looking for the next big thing and while we still believe this brand has potential, we have other brands that have managed to remain in our number 1 spot like it is Wrangler Filtered Cigars, and Bella Filtered Cigars, now dont get me wrong. Cheyenne Filtered Cigars and Clipper Filtered Cigars are pretty good as well, but somehow they have remain at the top.

But you will decide who will take the spot, as is you the one that has to try them, and hopefully you decide to try them all and write a review about them once you have try them so that other clients can read them and share your thoughts.


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