Focus On The Cigar Wrapper Leaf

Anyone who has been smoking cigars for some time now and how has done their homework on them know that the exterior look of a stogie’s wrapper leaf can tell you a lot about it. However, the look alone, that’s the shape, color, and size, should merely be used as a guideline when determining wrapper quality. For instance, the wrapper leaf in it’s entirety determines about 60% – 90% of the cigar’s overall flavor, so choosing the right one is extremely important.

Here’s what you should be looking for in a cigar leaf wrapper for the best experience.

First and foremost, look for high quality, that’s those wrapper leaves which are in good condition and are without tarnish. Extensive blemishes or cracks/tears may adversely affect the over strength of the cigar and cause the final product, once properly rolled, to come apart, so keep your eyes peeled.

The second important point to remember is too always keep a sharp eye on the color of any given wrapper leaf. One can tell a great deal about it by its tint, for instance, the typical colors range from very light beige to a rich, chocolate brown which’s almost black. The tint and hue of your wrapper leaves will allow you to quickly determine what kind of wrapper you have.

There are 4 major types of wrapper leaves: the Connecticut, the Corojo, the Habano and the Maduro. Connecticut’s are grown, as one might have guessed from their name, in the United States and is grown under the shade as opposed to direct sunlight which grants it unique properties. Connecticut’s generally have very low nicotine content and a mild flavor due to the way it’s grown with typical flavors including spice and cedar wood.

The Corojo, in contrast is slightly darker than the aforementioned and features a bold, spiced pepper flavor. The Habano has about the same coloring as the aforementioned leaf but is spicier and contains a higher nicotine content. Maduro’s are the closes in color to black and tend to have a subtle sweetness which’s the reason that dessert cigars are so often wrapped with Maduro.

So next time you’re looking on our website, remember to keep these distinctive colors in mind to get the perfect combination of tastes and aromas for your particular palette.


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