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Dutch Masters Cigars have changed since they first were introduced in the late 1960, they have added more styles of Packaging like the Dutch Masters Palma Cigarillos Foil,  and the Dutch Masters Palma Cigars.

Dutch Masters Cigars have also grown to be among the top 3 selling cigarillos in the country very close to Swisher Sweets Cigars and brands from Swedish Match which brands include White Owl Cigars and Game Cigars. But Dutch Masters have managed to keep their spot mainly because of their excellent quality, well priced products and mainly because they used a natural leaf wrapper which allows for their cigars to burn slower and evenly.

Dutch Masters Cigars are now distributed by Altadis which also controls other brands like Backwoods Cigars, Hav-A-Tampa Cigars, Muriel Cigars, Miami Suites Cigars, El Producto, White Cat Cigars and many others including Handmade Cigars.

So if you have any questions or would like to Buy Dutch Masters Cigars online, dont be afraid to browse our website, we sure have a large selection of flavored cigarillos and much more.


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