Drinks that increase the pleasure of smoking

Do you think what´s the best drink to join your tobacco when you buy it? you may not have thought of it!!! Tobacco combined with the consumption of certain liquids can become an exquisite pair that leads to relaxation in moments of rest or fun, that is why today we will tell you what are the best drinks to accompany your tobacco. Keep reading and you will have a good idea of ??everything you can take to further enhance the flavor of what you smoke.

Best drinks according to the type of tobacco

Let's start with those with a mild taste. In this case it is best to keep what you take pretty simple and delicate: a tea would come perfect, a subtle Irish cream for a sweet snack or perhaps a good beer to refresh you. Medium-flavored tobaccos are the most popular, and when you feel that what you smoke has a balanced taste and aroma, not too strong or too soft, it is best to combine it with a beer, a good plain Scot or a drink like aged rum with lemon. If you prefer a more intense type of tobacco, you may need a slightly stronger drink like American whiskey, a delicious mojito or a beer.

Perfect drinks according to your environment and the weather

It is true that we can not, nor should we drink alcohol at any time of day. That's why it's best if you accompany your sessions in the morning with coffee, tea or even water. Already when the afternoon falls you can drink any type of soda with your tobacco to refresh your throat a bit, and even at the end a couple of beers or a whiskey with cola would come very well. In the evening you have more options if you want to raise the tone a little, a good red wine, a gin-tonic or the cocktail of your choice will be perfect to brighten your meetings, a romantic evening or just accompany you before going to bed.

Also, according to the season, there are preferable drinks to take while you smoke tobacco: in winter, opt for black beers, Irish coffee, Bourbon whiskey or cognac. In the spring, beers are perfect, as are gin-tonic citrus drinks, just a classic sangria. In summer the idea is to cool down, for which the rum with lemon and mojito are excellent. A beer or a simple tea with ice will also perform miracles while you smoke. Finally, in autumn you can enjoy seasonal liqueurs, cider or stay with a simple but delicious latte latte.

Experiment with drinks to accompany your tobacco

Definitely everyone has their preferences, so dare to experiment while you smoke, you would not imagine how much could change the flavor of tobacco combined with the right drink. We hope this writing will be an inspiration base for great experiences.

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