Do you like cigars and chocolate? Try them together!

Smoking a cigar and enjoying a delicious chocolate at the same time may seem strange, but if you balance the flavors well, you will be surprised how seductive the experience can be.

Of course, it is not a simple milk chocolate, but a dark chocolate made by hand with the best cocoa, since its natural bitterness can be offset by the flavors of tobacco, adding a new dimension to the moment as it impacts differently the taste buds. Especially today when chocolatiers are continually innovating, many with the express intention of producing chocolates whose richness blends harmoniously with the complex flavors of cigars to enhance each puff.

Although there are no strict rules for a perfect pairing between cigars and chocolates because the subjectivity of personal tastes prevails, some connoisseurs recommend that you avoid using chocolates with a percentage of cocoa greater than 90%, and assess some basic matching criteria:

Sweet and spicy

To pair cigars with chocolate, taking into account sweetness and spiciness, it is advisable to choose a cigar that gives off aromas of sweet and fruity spices together with a chocolate whose cocoa content is between 60 and 70%, in order to moderate its bitter and toasted nuances. In this way, as the smoke progresses, the chances of finding in the cigar very noticeable spicy or toasted notes that would affect the enjoyment of the combination, will be reduced.

Structure and persistence:

The pairing that is carried out based on the structure and persistence that is applied to drinks, is also applicable to chocolates. That means:

- Cigars with a light body and little persistence on the palate taste better if they are combined with little structured and little persistent dark chocolates, whose percentage of cocoa is between 60% and 70%.

- Medium bodied and moderately persistent cigars on the palate highlight their notes better when they are paired with moderately structured and moderately persistent dark chocolates, whose percentage of cocoa is between 70% and 80%.

- The full-bodied cigars, structured and with a long persistence on the palate, should be paired with dark-bodied, structured chocolates with strong notes of long persistence. The cocoa content of these chocolates must be a minimum of 80% and a maximum of 90%.

As a curious and interesting fact that can encourage you to try the pairing between cigars and chocolates, it is worth mentioning that today many scientific studies indicate that dark chocolate, with cocoa content greater than 70%, produces important health benefits. Among them, being a great source of antioxidants, protecting the heart, regulating cholesterol, elevating mood and improving brain function. Excellent news!

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