Do you know how to start a conversation?

In the airport, waiting in line, in a restaurant, in a hospital, in a club, in a coffee store, in a smoker shop, we have experience that awkward moment in which the conversation starts to die or just silence is the “noise”. Should we have some ideas or list of topics? YES!

Conversation tips

Make sure you make this Tobacco Florida Shop blog usefull for a conversation and not an interrogation, some people who are shy sometimes need to learn this by heart. Listen and be gentle with people and let everything flow. Try to avoid topics as religion and politics, most of the time they can generate a no point discussion of distress in the conversation.

  1. Job/work

What is their current job will be a way to start, how long have they been there.

How long have you been there?

How are your coworkers?

Do you like it?

  1. Current situation

Are you in a plane, in a restaurant? Questions may vary according to the place you are at. If you are in a plane, then you can talk about were are you heading to, if you are in a restaurant, then talk about the food and preparation.

  1. Clothes

You can give the person a compliment and tie it to a question.

I love your hair, very nice sweater, do you mind sharing with me where you got it?

  1. Sports

This one is a classic, its unfailing, because most people love sports, so you can talk about the Superbowl, ori f you are with latin people about the World Cup, of about the Champions League.

Body Language is very important You  may also want to keep in mind that while you are talking with someone, giving a smile, nodding or opening your posture for their conversation. Probably the best way to star a good conversation is with a cup of coffee or invite some to smoke a cigar, random talks make people enjoy life more.


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