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Do you know how to roll a Cigar?

Posted by on 3/27/2019 to News
Do you know how to roll a Cigar?

The composition of a cigar.

Cigarettes are composed of four different tobacco leaves, variations determine the taste of smoking.

Wrappers: The leaves at the end or the widest part of the tobacco plant. The wrapping has a great influence in general on the character and flavor of the tobacco. The color of the wrapper commonly describes the cigarette in general.

Fillers: The great majority of the cigar is composed of the filling. The fillings are piles of tobacco leaves grouped together inside the wrapper.

Binders: Leaves that have an elastic character that are used to ensure that the filling stays together. Binders are mostly wrappers that were rejected due to stains, holes, discoloration or excessive veins, etc.

Materials you will need

Tobacco leaves.
- Spray bottle to keep the leaves hydrated.
- Scissors.
- Roller to level the binding sheets.
- Cigarette glue.

A step-by-step guide

Step one. Separate the leaves: Separate your dry leaves.

Step two. Moisten leaves: Make sure your leaves are wet but not wet. Use a spray bottle to moisten the leaves desiredly.

Step three. Remove the stems and fragments of tobacco leaves: Make sure your leaves remain moist, remove the stems and tie the leaves on top.

Step four. Prepare the binding sheets: Separate the binding sheets on a smooth surface, cut the edges. Fill your binding sheets with your tobacco leaves.

Step five Seal the sheet: Join your sheet with a sealing agent such as cigarette glue.

Step six. Mold your cigarette: Place your cigarette in a mold for two hours, heat your cigarette at a low temperature.

Step seven. Roll the wrapper in your mold: Place the bottom of your molded cigarette on one end of the wrapper leaving extra space at the other end.

Step eight. Finish and cut your cigarette: Put your cigarette in a box for cigarettes. Cigarettes take a couple of months to mature. For an optimal flavor wait 2 months before smoking your cigarette.

Important factors

Aging your cigarette is necessary to prepare the leaf and allow the leaf to "sweeten" or give it more flavor, less "green".

Longer cigarettes are colder and burn slower.

Short cigarettes are hotter and burn faster.

Hold the cigarette at a 45-degree angle to the flame and twist it to make sure it burns completely. Gently extract air from the head of the cigarette, continuing to keep the flame source an inch below the charred foot.

Never put a piece of cigarette outside.

It will turn off itself.


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