Disgusting Cigar Smoking Behavior and How to Avoid It

For you to completely enjoy the experience of smoking cigars, you’ve to learn important etiquette in cigar smoking. There are simply things that you cannot do as a good cigar smoker. Otherwise, these behaviors will be referred to as disgusting and you’ll end up not fitting in the community of cigar smokers and you might not even like the experience.

Some of the disgusting behavior in cigar smoking include:

Lighting of Cigars
Lighting a cigar in a public space without asking for permission makes you a disgusting cigar smoker. Not everybody will be comfortable with inhaling second-hand smoke from your cigar. Therefore, always make a point of asking for permission before you light a cigar in the presence of other people. And, if you find this difficult, confine your cigar smoking to cigar smoking lounges or smoke shops.

Handling Your Cigars
Smoking your cigar while holding it in between your middle finger and index finger is simply disgusting. A cigar is not a cigarette and should at no time be treated as so. Also, another disgusting way in which one can treat a cigar is by using it to point at objects or people. To avoid being disgusting, always hold your cigar in between your thumb and your index finger and remember that at no time should you be using your cigar to point at objects.

Chain-Cigar Smoking
A cigar isn’t like a cigarette and, chain-smoking on it’s simply disgusting. You shouldn’t at any instance try to show your prowess at chain-smoking using a cigar. This’ll only lead to overheating of your cigar and in the long-run leave it tasting it awful in your mouth. Simply avoid chain-smoking if you do not want to disgust others and want a superior cigar-smoking experience. Besides a cigar is meant to be enjoyed slowly.

Putting Off Your Cigar
Stubbing out your cigar on surfaces in order to put it out is simply disgusting and unacceptable. You should respect the need for others to stay tidy. Therefore, always leave your cigar to go off by itself.

Avoiding this disgusting cigar smoking behavior won’t only be a sign for care of others around you, it’ll also enhance your cigar smoking experience. All you need to do is abide by this unwritten and you’ll have the best time smoking your cigars.

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