Different Cigar Ashtray Styles

The current market is full of new and creative cigar ashtrays. These are made to fit in with the style different cigar smokers to fit any occasion. The ashtrays range from 3, four finger ashtrays, stinky ashtrays. There are also ashtrays fit for use in the workplace, car or even the deck. These ashtrays include the following.

1. Craftsman’s bench glass ashtray – 4 fingers
This table top ashtray is perfect for use with pals. It comes as a square shape with 4 rests for cigars. The frosted glass is both attractive and appealing to the occasion. It can accommodate 4 54-ring gauge cigars at the same time. With the impressive design and appealing appearance, this ashtray is sure to stand the test of time.

2. Xikar ash can – 1 fingers
This car ashtray made from metal is probably the most versatile ashtray to date. It’s simple but impressively efficient. This is for those who enjoy a cigar on the go. The tray keeps the ashes intact and also the aroma from the ashes as you drive. It even has a flexible cigar holder which keeps the cigars ash free. Cleaning this tray is also very easy, just empty the ash and a quick dip the dishwasher and its done. Its unique features include;
• Ability to fit in the cup holder
• Durable stainless metal material

3. Stainless lid to keep ashes and aromas intact – 6 fingers
This table top ashtray made from resin is both durable and beautiful. This ashtray is perfect if you want an ashtray to class up your man cave, or you need an ashtray that will last for long. This is the reason that this ashtray is the best seller in the country. They have even been subjected to outdoor elements and passed with flying colors. This large deep bowl can accommodate six cigars.

4. Jay alder’s crystal ashtray – 2 options
This table top ashtray made from crystal is an artistic masterpiece. It’s made from a heavy crystal that is elegant and a perfect addition to an outdoor setting, cigar den or recreational areas. It can hold your premium cigars and a deep reservoir. It comes in two options i.e. round with three fingers and rectangular with two fingers.

5. Stinky ashtray HERF edition – 8 fingers
This table top ashtray made from metal is huge. It is polished using a stainless steel finish that is both heat resistant and very easy to clean. It is very functional not to mention its size. It can support up to 8 cigars.

6. Diamond Crown Cambridge crystal ashtray – 3 fingers
This table top crystal ashtray is elegance at its finest. The hand cut lead crystal ashtray comes in a hexagonal design with an ornately cut crystal finish. It features a deep bowl which can accommodate up to a 54 ring gauge. This is pure elegance.

7. Stinky stackable ashtray – 4 fingers
This table top made of resin is the newest creation in the line of stinky ashtrays. It is made of resilient melamine that is of high density. It has a virtually bottomless ash receptacle. It can withstand adverse weather conditions-snow, rain, and even heat. The key feature is that when not being used, these ashtrays can be stacked to save space in storage.

8. Craftsman’s bench ashtray – 3 finger
This table top ceramic ashtray is great Odens raven. It features four offsetting cigar rests which can accommodate up to 54 ring gauge cigar. With a black finish which is quite impressive and a silver ending. It’s quite the ashtray.

Various types of ashtrays are available to suit both your style and scenery needs. From the high end to simple and efficient designs, it’s your pick. All in all, you are guaranteed to get that unique ashtray that will compliment you.

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