Deans Filtered Cigars are for Sale
Here at Florida Tobacco Shop are always looking for the next big brand, and we are so happy to be working with M&R Holdings which are the proud owners of Deans Filtered Cigars and many other brands.

We have heard of Deans Cigars in the past but never were able to ready to add it to our catalog for different reasons until now; and we couldn't be any more excited, these brand really focus in delivering a good quality product.

Deans Cigars come in soft packaging and are available in a variety of flavors like: Menthol, Mild, Peach, Rum, Chocolate, Cherry, Vanilla and Full flavor. Deans brand is also available in Pipe Tobacco, Filter Cigarette Tubes and in Electronic Smoking Devices.

These Filtered Cigars will be available right away for sale and are really affordable in price and have excellent quality in taste and in construction. But for those looking for something more affordable, we have other brands even cheaper like Today Filtered Cigars, or Rap Filtered Cigars

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