Criss Cross Filtered Cigars are Here
Criss Cross Cigars are a new breed of Filtered Cigars that recently came into the market and have rapidly becoming a top contender in the filtered cigar industry. These filtered little cigars are made in the USA by SX Brands which also make other fine Cigars and Electronic Devices.

Criss Cross Filtered Cigars are available in a flip top box and in flavors like Full Flavor, Light, Menthol, Grape, Cherry, and Vanilla. These brand is available in limited markets.

The best part for those looking for a bargain brand is that not only are they made in the USA but they have premium quality and their price is not as expensive as we would have thought when comparing with other brands of Little Cigars like Captain Black Little Cigars, Swisher Sweets Little Cigars,Winchester Little Cigars just to mention a few.

For those looking for even better bargain brands we would recommend Today Filtered Cigars and RAP Filtered Cigars both available under $8 a carton, made in the USA


Sarah Carlson

Date 8/19/2017

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