Cigar and Sports Celebrations

Cigars have long had a tradition of being a symbol of celebrations and victories. Some choose to reserve this luxurious smoking experience for milestones, such as marriage or the arrival of a child. Others smoke them at a number of different social gatherings. There are a great deal of cigar smokers and collectors, however, that use the smoking and gifting of cigars as a bonding and social tool after the victory of a sports game.

The type of cigar that’s appropriate for a sports celebration really depends on the sport. For instance, you wouldn’t smoke the same kind of cigar after a boxing match that you would after your horse takes the Kentucky Derby. Some people insist that the privilege of smoking a winner’s cigar be reserved for very special sporting occasions. One can imagine that this is because quality cigars can get expensive if you’re smoking them after every game. Especially, if your tastes are extremely particular. But there are plenty of good quality, everyday cigars in the $5-$10 range that would be perfect to smoke any time your team has a good game.

If you’re a smoker that only celebrates the big wins with a stogie, the lower priced ones may not be appropriate, particularly if you plan on buying more than one to handout. Just be sure you know the level of sophistication required by the event and by any friends or guests you might be hoping to celebrate with.

Regardless of the kind of sport you’re into, smoking a victory cigar can mark the occasion and become a fond tradition to look forward to. Whether it is baseball, soccer, football, hockey or basketball, a well chosen quality cigar can be the perfect end to a triumphant sporting event.


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