Cigar Cutting Done Right

I still remember the very first cigar that I bought. It was some no-name brand with an exotic sounding name like ‘Montecarlo’ or ‘Diablo’. I quickly found myself a pair of scissors and with surgical precision began to cut. Bad idea, the resulting experience left me wondering what all the hype was about as each puff left more loose tobacco in my mouth as the tip slowly disintegrated. Luckily, you can learn from my mistakes and get it right the first time to ensure an enjoyable cigar smoking experience.

First things first, you’ll save a whole lot of heartache by buying a quality cigar cutter. Buying a quality cigar cutter will ensure you’ve an even cut for the smoke to flow through without damaging the integrity of the cigar. There are many different types available for today’s cigar smoker such as wedge cutters and cigar punches, but this tutorial will be for either a single or double blade guillotine style cutter.

To begin, take the cigar and locate where the “shoulder” of the cigar ends, this is where the curved tip begins to straighten out. You’ll want to take the cigar cutter in your dominant hand and line up the cut so that you’ll be cutting just slightly above the shoulder where there’s still a slight curve. You don’t want to cut it too far from the end as this can cause the cigar to unravel. Once you have the blades lined up properly its time to cut. One of the mistakes I often see new cigar smokers make when cutting their cigars is a weak and indecisive cut. You want to hold the cigar and cutter firmly and when ready use a fluid and fast motion to slice through it. The idea here’s to have the blades quickly cut through the end instead of slowly tear it.

You’re now ready to smoke your cigar and remember, always use a cutter with sharp blades. A cheap cigar cutter with dull blades will always result in a sub-par smoking experience.


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