Choosing Your First Premium Cigar

There’s endless information when it comes to picking a great cigar to smoke. If you’re a beginner, there are 3 important tips you must know. These tips include crucial information about the size/length of the cigar, the color, and how to cut i properly.

Tip #1: Size/Length
The total size of the cigar is related to approximately how long it’ll last. The shorter and skinnier the stogie the shorter the time it’ll be lit. The longer and thicker it is, the longer it’ll last. For example, the shortest burning cigar (aside from a “black & mild” or “cigarillo” type) is about 15-20 minutes, and they’re about the size of male pinky finger. The longest burning stogie can be 2+ hours (about 1-2 puffs per minute), and the typical size is ~7-10? in length and a diameter of 1?+. Keep in mind there are a numerous shapes and sizes, but no need to get overwhelmed. Just ask us that you want a cigar to last X amount of minutes and they can point you in the right direction.

Tip #2: Stogie Color
The color and knowing which one is right for you is the most critical step on picking your first cigar. Cigars range from a very light color (i.e. “Double Claro”) to a very dark brown color (i.e. “Oscuro”). The lighter the cigar the lighter and, usually, smoother the smoke is. However, lighter ones in my experience tend to lack and taste and not have the boldness one may desire. The darker it is, the more the taste when smoking it will stand out. The other side to that is many of the darkest cigars are usually overwhelming and tend to have a harsh taste.

Tip #3: Cutting Your Cigar
There are only two cuts that’re important. The most typical cut is a “straight” cut and will allow for your cigar to produce the most amount of smoke. This cut is best for stogies with rounded ends and the cut should be made only 3-4 mm from the tip of the cigar (on the rounded end). It is recommended, that you ask the store clerk to make this cut for you, or if you are looking to buy your own cutter then invest in the “prefect cut” cutter, which has a consistent cut depth every time, perfect for beginner. The other cut is a “bullet punch” cut and is great to use if you’re making your first cut, as it’s easy and can be used on most cigar ends. If you’re looking to buy a cutter, then a “bullet punch” cutter is the way to go.

Using these three tips will give you great confidence, and remember, don’t be intimidated by the vast majority. It’s suggested to ask us for help, but if you don’t want help, this’ll be enough to get you started.


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